Hey y’all, I’m Brittany

… and I’m the blogger behind White & Woodgrain! I am a farmhouse-obsessed, Dr. Pepper drinking, Joanna Gaines fangirl, novice DIY-er who’s never been to an antique store I didn’t like.

My perfect day is spent prettying up our farmhouse in shades of white mixed with a little woodgrain. I have a passion for storytelling through interior design and decor, and I love mixing new and old finds to create my own unique aesthetic in our home!

Here on whiteandwoodgrain.com, I blog about all things home decor, DIY projects, antiques and more … including the story of the 1800’s family farmhouse my husband and I completely re-built!

I’m so glad we found each other… Come say hello and hang out with me on Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook! I’d love to catch up with you, and I hope the blog and the things I share here inspire you to do some storytelling of your own in your home!

Fun Facts About Me

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country music or a podcasts

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my family and old photographs

Favorite places

home and the ocean

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mom life and home projects

My home Style

farm cottage charm

My take on home, design, and decor…

There’s a difference between a house and a home. I believe that a house (no matter how big or small, no matter how old or new) is a just place, but home is a feeling.

We all have a deep, soul-level need to feel at home. Home is a feeling we yearn for and we seek out, whether consciously or subconsciously. It’s the reason you smile when you think about the places you grew up and your grandmother’s house. It’s the reason we never grow bored walking the aisles of bedding, and dishes, and lamps at Target. We’re searching for that feeling of home because we need it, and it matters, and it goes so much deeper than the decor!

I believe a house is built, but a home is made. When you spend time making your house feel like home, you ultimately are making yourself and your family feel more at home in your house. Because when your house feels like home, so do you!

I could go on forever about this because making our farmhouse feel like home is a big passion of mine! And I’m so blessed to be able to share that passion here with you on the blog!! I hope that in sharing my passions for all things home decor, design, DIY’s, antiques and more… that it inspires you, and helps you to find and create that feeling of home in your space too! Home matters y’all, so let’s make a home together!

Home Goals for our Farmhouse:

My goal for our farmhouse is to create a curated, collected, storied home.

Curating can be more intentional than simply decorating. I want to curate our home’s decor as I refine my design style and as I find items that work in each room over time. Curating to me means shopping around, experimenting, and editing our spaces over time.

I also see myself as a collector. I want to channel my love for collecting into our home’s decor by displaying my favorite antique collections and vintage finds. These collections complement our old farmhouse aesthetic and add charm and character to our home.

Lastly, and probably my favorite element… is the storytelling. I want our home to be a visual representation of our story! Think old photographs, hand-me-down furniture, sentimental items and memorabilia. These items remind us of who we are, and where we came from, and help up to keep that story alive as we pass the stories down to the next generations.

Speaking of stories, want to hear the story of our farmhouse?

If you’re new to White & Woodgrain, welcome friend! You’ll definitely want to check out the before photos and take a virtual tour of the old house! We re-built my grandparent’s 1800’s era farmhouse, and the before photos of the home are a must see! So much thought and planning went into this project to keep the feel and the look as authentic to the old house as possible.

This farm, and the farmhouse we now call home, has been passed down for many generations in my family. I recently learned that I am the 8th generation to be connected to this old farmhouse, and my children are the 9th!

As one of the last children to ever sleep in the old house as it was before, and now as one of the first generations to sleep in the new house, I consider myself a generational bridge between the past and the future. I feel a responsibility to document and pass down the stories and the history of our family and our home with our children and future generations.

My hope is that not only will our farmhouse tell the story of my little family of four, but that it will also honor the stories and the history of all the generations who were here before us.

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