We Made The Cover of Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine!

Our home made the cover of the June 2023 issue of Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine! I have literal goosebumps typing that out y’all. This time a year ago we were just wrapping things up after a long 2 day photoshoot. There were tons of flowers scattered about our home, and I was so overwhelmed at the thought of our farmhouse and our story being in print all across the country.

Home and DIY Blogger Brittany Hutchison's 1800's NC farmhouse featured in Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine summer 2023 issue

And now, seeing our farmhouse in print, let alone on THE COVER… I am sitting here completely overwhelmed again! It is a huge honor, and a total bucket list dream come true times ten!! (PS, this photo was taken by my oldest and I have to say he did pretty good! He just might have a future in photography, or maybe even working with mama behind the scenes here at White & Woodgrain.)

Behind The Scenes Info About That Cover Shot

Let me tell y’all about the room that made the cover! Over the years, this space has been Jake’s office, a playroom, and a guest bedroom / mini-work space for the blog. Since these photos were taken, I’ve actually been working on turning it into more of an office / work / DIY space for White and Woodgrain. I haven’t shared anything about that project until now, because I’m still trying to make some of the bigger decisions about the layout and furniture and my overall vision for the room. But more to come soon I promise!

cover of summer 2023 Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine featuring Brittany Hutchison, home and DIY blogger of White & Woodgrain
farmhouse cottage sitting area with white board and batten walls, chippy white furniture, and a wooden sewing cabinet as a side table

In the old house, this space would have been my Granny’s bedroom. It’s a very special part of our farmhouse for that very reason! It’s one of the most peaceful spots in our home, even in the midst of all the shuffling furniture and the unfinished DIY projects that tend to accumulate in the corners and under the bed. The windows in this room overlook our front porch and my hummingbird feeder. Another nod to my Granny who loved listening to the birds and watching them do their thing.

Details & Sources:

  • The Bed: the old metal bed once belonged to my Granny. What a feeling seeing her old bed, in what would have been her room, on the cover of Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine!
  • The Nightstand: The wooden table beside the bed is actually an old sewing machine cabinet. It belonged to my great grandmother, Granny’s mama, who also lived in the old house.
  • The Throw Pillows: These were a DIY sewing project! You can see the full tutorial for my DIY tie closure pillow covers here on the blog.
  • The Knitted Blanket: This was one of the things the stylist brought for the photoshoot. While most of what you see in the photos is ours, the magazines do sometimes swap out pillows or throws, and other small decor pieces to create a new and unique look for the photos. They also bring in a ton of fresh flowers and sometimes even baked goods for kitchen and dining spaces.
  • The Fan: I love new finds that looks old! This table fan was a HomeGoods find from a little while back. I found two very similar options and I’ll link them here: vintage fan from Walmart / vintage fan from HomeGoods.
  • The Chandelier: This is an older World Market find that is no longer available online. But I was able to find the exact same one new in the box on Ebay!
  • The Colors: The white on the walls and the doors is Behr’s Bit of Sugar, and the grey portion of the walls is Behr’s Greige (mixed at 50%).

Peep The Photo Next to the Letter From The Editor

I didn’t notice this photo when I first flipped through the magazine. But when I was showing the issue to my mom, and flipping through it a second time, the pink peonies shown below caught my eye. And then I noticed the old black and white photograph in the bottom corner of the page. I told my mom “It’s our house! They used the photo!! It’s Aunt Faye!”

Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine letter from the editor, Samantha Hart

This photo of the pink peonies was taken during the big photoshoot for our feature in Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine. It’s a closeup shot of the coffee table in our living room! When Jessica the stylist was arranging the coffee table decor, I showed her some old family photographs including this one of my Great Aunt Faye. I thought it would add a sentimental touch to add to the look, and the stylist liked the idea of including them. So they shot the look with my Aunt Faye’s photo front and center. And y’all, the photo of my Aunt Faye’s photo made it into the issue!

magazine spread with photo of pink peony arrangement and a collection of old black and white family photographs

My Aunt Faye is my Granny’s sister. And if you’ve been following along for any amount of time, you’ve probably heard me talk about my Granny. She was my world growing up! Both my Granny and my Aunt Faye grew up in the old house. Though my Granny is no longer with us, we are blessed to have Aunt Faye here with us today. It’s been an honor to share all of these milestone moments with her, from rebuilding the old house to now seeing it’s story in a magazine. It has meant the world to me, and now I get to share a little piece of her with the world!

a collection of old black and white family photographs laying on a wood side table

Our Home’s Feature in Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine

Let me show you a little peek at the spread! My photos of the article don’t do it justice, but I’m so excited to share them anyways…

Home and DIY Blogger Brittany Hutchison's 1800's NC farmhouse featured in Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine titled home is where the heart is

You might recognize some of the photos and spaces from our recent feature in Better Home & Gardens Farmhouse Do It Yourself Magazine. That’s because all the photos for both features were shot at the same time.

Home and DIY Blogger Brittany Hutchison's 1800's NC farmhouse featured in Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine

Initially, I was told that the story had been picked up by Modern Farmhouse Style. But while the team was here photographing our home, their shot list included several “cover try” shots the editors had requested. So I got to watch the team shoot potential covers for the editors to consider!

North Carolina Home and DIY Blogger Brittany Hutchison's 1800's farmhouse featured in Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine

I think this is pretty typical anytime they sent a team out to photograph a home. But I never expected our home to actually land on the cover!

Home and DIY Blogger Brittany Hutchison's 1800's NC farmhouse featured in Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine

Anyways, when they were testing photos for the cover layout, they added the magazine title and text overlays to the photos. I noticed it showed Better Homes & Gardens as the title. So I asked about it, and that’s when the stylist shared that the photos would be featured in 2 different magazines! My jaw dropped in that moment. I hadn’t yet shared that little part of the story until now, but that’s why you’ll see a lot of similarities in the photos for these two features.

Home and DIY Blogger Brittany Hutchison's 1800's NC farmhouse featured in Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine

For more behind the scenes stories, and photos I took during the big photoshoot, along with tons of links and sources for each of the spaces shown in this feature, be sure to check out this post I wrote about our home’s feature in BHG’s Farmhouse Do It Yourself Magazine. I included so much info in that post that’s still very relevant for this feature in Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine.

What other magazines has the farmhouse been featured in?

Landleben Magazine: Spring 2022

This was our first magazine feature! I shot all the images for this feature myself because Landleben is actually a German Magazine. Head to this post for an upclose view at the article and all of the photos.

Home and DIY Blogger Brittany Hutchison's 1800's NC farmhouse featured in Landleben Magazine

Better Homes & Gardens Farmhouse Do It Yourself: Spring 2023

This was our first US magazine feature! Head to this post for tons of behind the scenes info, photos I took during the photoshoot, sources & links, and more.

Home and DIY Blogger Brittany Hutchison's 1800's NC farmhouse featured in BHG's Farmhouse Do It Yourself Magazine

Coming soon: October 2023

Spoiler Alert: our farmhouse is tentatively scheduled to appear in a Christmas feature later this year! Dates could change, as articles can get moved around and rescheduled as editors see fit. But as of now we’re expecting this one to come out in October of 2023!

farmhouse cottage sitting area with white board and batten walls, chippy white furniture, and a wooden sewing cabinet as a side table

What’s Next for White and Woodgrain

I just want to take a moment to say thank you to you! Thank you for following along, for visiting the blog, for taking the time out of your day to read this post, and for celebrating with me!! April and May were pretty rough months for our little family behind the scenes. Without going into too many details, those few weeks were some of the most difficult weeks of my life. I ended up taking a really long break from the blog and social media.

cocker spaniel puppy lounging on a white rug in a neutral farmhouse style sitting room

In my time offline, I did a lot of thinking, praying, planning, and questioning… What’s the next right thing for our family? For me? For the blog? Is this where God wants me to be?

Can I really juggle it all and still show up as my best self in each of these roles that together make me who I am? Wife, mother, blogger, daughter, friend, keeper of the home, lover of antiques, DIY-er, and on and on. But at the same time, how can I not pursue this thing that has brought me so much joy, purpose, fulfillment, inspiration, and friendship?

magazine, old black and white photographs, and other vintage decor styled on a wooden side table

What I’ve learned is that the hardest moments are not the time to make all the hard decisions. But they are the time to slow down, to think, to reflect, to pray. Things have calmed down a lot since April, and I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things.

Farmhouse screened in porch with haint blue ceilings, string lights, and a galvanized ceiling fan, and an old wooden trunk coffee table

Our feature in Modern Farmhouse Style Magazine came out at the perfect timing. It’s felt like a rainbow after a storm. A God wink. A reminder of the “why” behind the blog and all the things I share here. It’s the encouragement I needed to keep going, to keep sharing, to come back to blogging after taking a much needed break. Because this matters. HOME matters. Home is where the heart is!

So when I think about what’s next for White and Woodgrain… I know I don’t have all the answers, but I do have clarity and I know that I’m right where I’m supposed to be. Thanks for stopping by the blog and hanging out with me today! Until next time y’all…

Love, Brittany

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  1. Dear Brittany
    I just began following you on IG. I am also a lover of home, in every sense of the word. It’s what brings me joy and happiness- diy, tweaking here and there. Your home is stunning. I’m looking forward to seeing what is next for you to share with us all! Congratulations again.
    Xo Brenda

    1. Hi Brenda! 🙂 Sounds like you and I have a lot in common! I appreciate your kind words and I’m happy to “meet” ya on here. Thanks so much and I look forward to sharing a lot more in the coming months!!

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