Our Home was Featured in Landleben Magazine!

Y’all! Our home was featured in Landleben Magazine! I cannot believe I get to share this with you today, and even more than that, I cannot believe our farmhouse is officially in a magazine for the first time!! Now that the issue is out in the world, I finally get to share all the details with you here on the blog… So let’s chat all about it!

Why haven’t I heard of Landleben Magazine?

Landleben is a German Magazine. So if you’re reading this from the US, that would explain why you might not have heard of it before! It was a new-to-me magazine up until a few months ago! The name Landleben literally translates to Country Life.

white farmhouse entryway with vintage military panoramic photos and chippy painted dry sink

How did you get your home featured in a magazine?

The number 1 question I’ve gotten since sharing the news of the magazine feature is “How did you get your home featured in a magazine??” The answer is Instagram! I share photos of our farmhouse here on the blog, but also on my Instagram. And one day TraumWohnen Magazine reached out to me on Instagram! They said they loved my photos and thought our home would be a good fit! I totally thought their message was a scam at first, only it wasn’t… We messaged back and forth, and they asked to feature our home in a summer issue of Landleben Magazine!

farmhouse kitchen with reclaimed wood shiplap, white shaker cabinets, white subway tile backsplash and spring florals in the sink
white farmhouse kitchen as featured in Landleben Magazine

Did the magazine send a photographer to your home?

Nope! Because Landleben is a German magazine, and I am in North Carolina, they weren’t able to send their own photographer. So I actually shot all the images myself! Talk about nerve wracking!! Some of you may recall me hinting at the magazine feature in my Instagram Stories this past winter… Remember all the flowers in the kitchen sink? I didn’t talk about it much at the time, and part of that was the fact that I was shooting all the images myself! Talk about a high pressure week!! I was so worried and anxious that if I didn’t get it just right, the magazine would cancel the feature.

built-in coffee bar with spring florals and vintage decor as featured in Landleben Magazine

How did you prepare for the magazine shoot?

Because I was able to take my own photos, I had total control of exactly what was seen and what wasn’t seen! (And by that I mean, I could hide the mess!) Typically a magazine would send a photographer, which would require much more prep work, and me having to keep the entire house clean all at the same time! But for this shoot, I was able to clean, style and photograph our home one room at a time. I was initially overwhelmed at the thought of taking all the photos myself. But I think this was a good way to dip my toes in the water of working with magazines.

neutral white cottage farmhouse bedroom with vintage gold frames mirror and wood bedside tables as featured in Landleben Magazine
original 1800's wood fireplace and mantel in white bedroom

How long did you have to get all the photos done?

There were only 11 days between that initial DM on Instagram (January 26) to the deadline I had to submit all the photos on (February 6th)! I bought a few flowers from Harris Teeter, cleaned & tidied up each room, took photos, edited photos, and then submitted them to the team. I could have made things a little easier on myself by using photos I already had. But I wanted to share my best work and give Landleben Magazine new images that hadn’t yet been seen on my blog or on my social media! All the images in this post were photos I submitted for my feature with Landleben Magazine.

white farmhouse and cottage style bathroom with clawfoot tub and vintage style tile as featured in Landleben Magazine
cocker spaniel in clawfoot bathtub

What is the best part about having your home featured in a magazine?

The best part about having our home featured in a magazine was getting to see my Granny’s photo in the article! My Granny was born in the old house. She raised her family here many years ago. (I’ve talked about her here on the blog before, and you can read a love letter I wrote to her here.) I keep my Granny’s photo and a framed sweet potato casserole recipe in her handwriting on our kitchen counter. It makes me think of her and feel her presence in this space!! So when I photographed our kitchen for Landleben, it was important to me to include the image below amongst all the images I had to submit for the article! I just never imagined this shot would be one of the ones chosen for the feature!!

old family photography and framed handwritten recipe

Do you get paid if your house is featured in a magazine?

No, you do not get paid when your house is featured in a magazine. But it is a huge honor, and something I personally could never say “no” to! Brands pay thousands of dollars to advertise in magazines… and my feature in Landleben was an 8 page spread! The feature in itself is an extremely valuable thing!! Plus it looks great on a resume or a media kit if you’re in the blogging world like me!!

painted secretary desk and vintage wood chair in cottage style sitting area

Where can I find Landleben Magazine in the US?

I haven’t been able to find physical copies of Landleben Magazine in the US. I am waiting for a copy of the issue to come in the mail as we speak… but in the meantime I did find a way to view the article online! To see the full article about our farmhouse in Landleben Magazine, you can sign up for a subscription to Readly. Ready is an app you can download to view all kinds of magazines on your phone or mobile device. And by signing up through my link you can get one month for free! (Not an affiliate/sponsored link btw, I just saw where I could invite a friend so we can each get a month free!)

White & Woodgrain's cottage farmhouse living room as featured in Landleben Magazine summer 2020

I personally do not speak German, but I have thoroughly enjoyed looking through the latest issue and all of the beautiful images and inspiration in Landleben Magazine nonetheless! It’s definitely worth signing up for a free trial of Readly, even if you plan to cancel your subscription after a month!!

Blogger Brittany Hutchison of White & Woodgrain in farmhouse living room as featured in Landleben Magazine

I still cannot believe our home was featured in a magazine! It’s such a pinch me feeling and a huge honor! And now that the magazine is out in the world, I am an open book again… so if you have lingering questions, or things you’re curious about, feel free to ask me! Leave a comment, or send me a DM on Instagram. I’m so happy I can finally share this exciting news with you! And I hope you enjoyed getting to hear a little more about what all went down behind the scenes! Thanks for stopping by the blog to celebrate with me today, and as always, thank you so much for following along…

Love, Brittany

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