40+ Cottage and Farmhouse Planter Pots that Look Old

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Today on the blog, I am sharing over 40 of the prettiest cottage and farmhouse planter pots that look old and weathered in the best way! Like that old mossy, planter your grandma let you have, or a vintage plant pot you’d swear you just saw in your favorite antique shop! Some of these planter pots are that good y’all!! I’ve been shopping for some new planters for our farmhouse this week, and I found so many that I loved!! So I thought I’d share them here with you on the blog today! Take a peek at a few of my favorites cottage and farmhouse planter pots…

over 40 farmhouse and cottage style planter pots that look old and weathered

I may not be much of a green thumb, but I’ll have you know that my handful of houseplants have survived to see another spring! And that is no small accomplishment for me y’all!! They’ve done so well that I’ve been wanting to add a few more plant babies to our collection. So before I get all ahead of myself and go plant shopping, I wanted to find some pretty planter pots that truly look vintage to fit the white and woodgrain look. And these planter pots truly fit the bill!! To shop the planters below, simply click on any of the photos to see that item on the retailer’s website.

I can’t wait to show you the planters I ordered when they arrive! Now I can start shopping around for some new houseplants! Maybe some trailing ivy, or maybe even some fresh herbs!! I have been on a rosemary kick these days… I hope this post was helpful, and I hope you enjoyed shopping for some cottage and farmhouse planter pots with me today! Who else is gearing up for some spring gardening?? We are gearing up for some big landscaping updates around the farmhouse this spring! [Click here] to see a few of my ideas for our farmhouse flower beds. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, and as always, thank you so much for following along…

Love, Brittany

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