Simple Country Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas with Stone Flower Bed Edging

I am so excited for today’s post because it’s all about simple country farmhouse landscaping ideas and inspiration! Spring has sprung in the Carolinas y’all!! Recently we made a trip out to our local Lowe’s to start planning for some yardwork and landscaping updates around the farmhouse! Up until now, we haven’t done much in terms of landscaping. (Scratch that part – we finally started our own farmhouse landscaping project! Keep scrolling to see what we’ve been working on…)

I’m so excited to really start adding more curb appeal to the front yard and the exterior of our home! I’ve been really drawn to the look of gardens and landscaping with stone edging lately. And I’m excited to share some of my ideas and inspo as we continue planning for some simple country landscaping updates around our farmhouse!

Faux Stone Bordering Flower Bed & Gravel Path

This photo was the photo that started it all y’all! I discovered these faux stone landscaping border rocks while on Pinterest and the photo stopped me in my tracks!! I love the color, shape, and size of these stones. And I also love how natural they look in this landscaping! I have been looking for similar photos and ideas ever since… Keep scrolling with me and let me show you what I’ve found! Click any of the photos below to see the original sources.

french country farmhouse landscape ideas with faux stone edging

Cobblestone Edged Beds & Limelight Hydrangeas

The hydrangeas in this photo were what initially caught my eye! But just look how pretty they are with that cottagey cobblestone border!! I have been searching for “cottage gardens” online, and I’ve found that what comes up is often a little too overgrown for my taste. Not to mention that we live on the NE Cape Fear River in eastern NC, and snakes are just a part of life here! So I need our landscaping to be a bit more tidy and tame. And these flower beds are just whimsical enough, but also clean enough that I think I could do something like this around our farmhouse!

cobblestone bordered flower beds with white limelight hydrangeas

Natural Stone Edge Landscaping

I love the stones in this photo and how natural they look in the landscaping! Something about the rounded stones really appeals to me. And I also love how the flower beds themselves are arranged with lots of curves and movement to them as they wind along down the line of the fencing. The curves are something I can see

simple country farmhouse landscaping ideas with stone lined flower beds and hydrandea bushes

Country Farmhouse Landscaping with Found Creek Rocks

The stones in this landscape edging have a pretty cool story! The homeowner’s husband actually gathered and collected them from a nearby creek until they had enough to use all around their flower beds and along the gravel walkway. Such a simple look, but perfect for country farmhouse landscaping!

country flower bed ideas with stacked creek stone border edging

Large Stones Bordering Flower Beds

The large landscaping stones bordering the flower beds in this photo just look like they were meant for this country setting! I honestly think the appeal of using stones in country farmhouse landscaping is that it is a natural material. It’s a material I can see my grandparents or ancestors finding nearby, near the river maybe, and using because it’s what they had access to. That’s a big part of why I am drawn to the stones and the landscaping ideas in these photos!

large stone landscape border edging ideas

Simple Stacked Stone Flower Bed Edging

While I love the rounded stones, I also love the look of the pretty stacked stones in these photos! It’s dressy enough without being too formal for my taste. And those hydrangeas are just so pretty!!

simple cottage farmhouse landscape ideas with stacked stone edging
cottage farmhouse stacked stone landscaping ideas

French Country Farmhouse Landscaping Ideas with Stone Edging and Pea Gravel Path

I saved my favorite inspo pics for last y’all! I dream of having a green house here at the farm one day, and this one is just so dreamy!! The pea gravel pathway and the stone lined flower gardens are french country farmhouse landscape perfection! Our priority right now is getting flower beds put in around the farmhouse. But eventually we will also want to add in pathways from the front porch steps to our pumphouse and to the driveway. And so that’s something I am keeping in the back of my mind as I plan for the flower beds and landscaping around the farmhouse because I want all of that to tie in together. And these photos really help me see the vision of what updates like this could look like here at the farm!

french country farmhouse landscaping ideas with pea gravel walkway and stone edged flower beds
french country farmhouse landscaping ideas with pea gravel walkway and stone edged flower beds
french country farmhouse landscaping ideas with pea gravel walkway and stone edged flower beds

Cottage Garden Paths: Pea Gravel Walkway Lined with a Natural Stone Border Edging

THE LATEST UPDATES: Last but not least, I had to include a photo of our own country farmhouse landscaping project! Since writing this post, we have made a ton of progress on the landscaping around our farmhouse. We added a few white wedding hydrangeas around the chimney, and we also added a pea gravel walkway from the front porch steps to our gravel driveway.

The gravel walkway turned out better than I could have imagined, and truly is the cottage garden path of my dreams. Cane creek stones complete the look and line the edges of the winding pea gravel path. For more photos of the finished project, and for all the DIY info, install tips, and sources… head to this post I wrote all about our DIY cottage garden paths.

white farmhouse landscaping with a pea gravel walkway and natural stones as a gravel path border edging

We hope to continue adding more pathways, and more landscaping over time. My dream is to have a yard full of all different kinds of white flowers. So in the meantime, I’ve been collecting inspiration and plant ideas! If you love white flower gardens too, head to this post where I shared over 50 different white flowers and white flowering plant ideas!

I hope this post was inspiring to you! Writing it was definitely inspiring for me!! Just seeing the possibility and the potential of what our yard could look like with some love and a little sweat equity makes me want to get out there and get my hands dirty.

I’ll be sure to update you here on the blog, as well as on my Instagram, as we work on adding our own simple country farmhouse landscaping updates here on the farm. Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, and as always, thank you so much for following along…

Love, Brittany

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    1. Hi Abby! 🙂 The photos in this post are all inspo pics so they’re all a little different. But our home has hardie plank board and batten siding. We have since added stone and pea gravel around the farmhouse, and we added a pathway too. Hoping to grab photos and blog the updates soon, likely in the coming weeks.

  1. Hi Brittany, this is an awesome post and I am super grateful I stumbled upon it! We are in the midst of planning a big landscaping project for the spring! We cannot wait, we are so excited we even have our dumpster rental picked out. These ideas are great and we are going to keep them in mind while planning our project!

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