Why Fusion Mineral Paint and Staalmeester Brushes are the Preferred Tools for DIYers!

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If you ask a DIYer or a furniture flipper for product recommendations, chances are many of them are going to recommend Fusion Mineral Paint and Staalmeester brushes. These two companies are often the preferred tools of choice when it comes to painting furniture! I know for me personally, Fusion Mineral Paint and Staalmeester brushes are definitely my go to paint supplies for DIY’s!! And I have painted my fair share of furniture here at the farmhouse. But I haven’t always been so confident in my furniture painting skills. I used to be overwhelmed at the idea of finding the right type paint or paint color, wondering if I needed primer, wondering what brush to use, or if any of that really even mattered? And it held me back from tackling projects that, in retrospect, I was perfectly capable of taking on! So today on the blog I wanted to share my two cents and answer some of those questions that you too may have about painting furniture. My hope is that this post brings some clarity and helps you feel more confident to tackle a new project of your own!

clearing vintage china off black wooden hutch before painting

Last week I finally got around to re-painting this hutch in our dining room. And of course I used my Staalmeester and Fusion products to complete this DIY! Here’s a little peek at what it looked like before I got started…

black tall hutch with open shelves for displaying china

And here is what the hutch looked like after I finished painting it! I mean it sounds cliche, but this is a night and day difference y’all! A little bit of paint totally lightened up this piece and the dining room overall! I painted the hutch in the color Raw Silk by Fusion Mineral Paint. Raw Silk has been one of my go to white paint colors from Fusion, and I love it because it has just enough of a creamy warmth for my taste!

fusion mineral paint in the color raw silk painted with staalmeester paint brush

What’s so special about Fusion Mineral Paint?

I seriously love Fusion Mineral Paint, and I could go on and on about all the reasons why! But for the sake of time, I’ll make bullet points for a few of those reasons here instead:

  • It is very beginner friendly because it needs little to no prep, and has a built in top coat.
  • Their paints are self leveling which reduces the look of brush strokes.
  • They are low VOC and have hardly any odor – a huge perk if you’re painting indoors!
  • You get great coverage, and a little paint goes a long way.
  • It’s a water based paint, which makes cleaning your brushes so much easier!

How do I know which Fusion Mineral Paint color to choose?

The first thing I do when I want to try a new paint color is go to Google and Pinterest. And I literally type in “fusion mineral picket fence” or “fusion mineral champlain” for example. Then I’ll look at photos of furniture that other people have painted in that color to get an idea of what that color looks like in the real world. Is this the perfect solution, no, but it is a great place to start!

UPDATE: Since writing this post, I actually ended up testing out all the whites and the neutral paint colors from Fusion Mineral Paint. I wrote a whole post about it, and that post is a great resource to check out if you feel stuck choosing a color. Head to the new post for an in depth review and a side by side comparison of all the neutrals and white Fusion Mineral Paint colors.

Honestly, choosing a paint color can be hard! And you may not really know if you like a color until you see it in your home. One Fusion Mineral Paint color I love is Putty. I have used it on our doors, on a secretary desk, and on the legs of our living room coffee table. And to me, each of these pieces looks slightly different, even though I know they are the same color! Lighting has a lot to do with it. But also, the colors of the walls, and other furniture and decor in the room also matters. So my best tip when choosing a paint color is to test it out. You can even purchase tester sizes of Fusion Mineral Paint to help with your decision.

Click the photos below to shop some of my favorite tried and true neutral Fusion Mineral Paint colors!

black arched hutch with open shelves for displaying china
fusion mineral paint raw silk on china hutch with staalmeester brushes

Do I need to prime my furniture before painting?

Most pieces do not need to be primed before painting with Fusion Mineral Paint. I have painted furniture with exposed wood and already painted surfaces, and the paint adheres great to both! The only times I have used a primer was on slick or glossy surfaces, like you see on Ikea furniture. Now, let’s say you’re going from a very dark to a very light color, you could paint one coat of primer on first to reduce the amount of Fusion Mineral Paint needed to get full coverage. Fusion has great coverage, and often I only need to apply 2 coats of paint. But in some cases, like this hutch where I went from black to white, I needed 3 coats of paint. Starting with one coat of primer could have saved me a little on paint.

Do I need to seal my furniture after painting?

It totally depends on what you’re painting and how you plan to use that piece of furniture. Fusion Mineral Paint has a built in top coat. So in most cases the answer is no, you do not need to seal it. Now for higher traffic surfaces, like a dining room table or coffee table top, or even an exterior door, I would recommend sealing with Fusion Mineral Paint’s Tough Coat. It is a non yellowing poly sealer that can help provide an extra level of protection on your painted pieces.

painting a tall hutch using my staalmeester brush with fusion mineral paint in the color raw silk

Are Staalmeester paint brushes really worth the hype?

The short answer is yes! I wasn’t so sure what the hype was all about before I tried out their brushes myself… But let me tell you what sold me and why I love my Staalmeester brushes. My two favorite Staalmeester brushes are the pointed sash brush and the oval brush from the original series.

Both of these brushes are a synthetic bristle blend which allows the paint to go on like butter! The pointed sash brush has a unique shape that makes it easy to get the paint into the corners and the more intricate details of your furniture. But I’ve also found that it was a great brush to when I painted our doors because it allowed me to get right up to the edge of the surface and in the corner of the doors without going over the edges. It is truly unlike any other brush I’ve used in the past! The oval brush has been a very versatile brush as well. I like using it on larger flat surfaces like table tops, as well as on the spindles and the legs of furniture! But don’t take my word for it, give it a try yourself to see just how great they are!!

Where can I buy Fusion Mineral Paint and Staalmeester brushes?

When I’m in the Wilmington, NC area, I like to purchase my Fusion and Staalmeester products locally at Fleabody’s in Wilmington, NC. Many small shops carry these products in store, but you can also order them online if it’s more convenient for you! I love Fusion Mineral Paint so much that I actually decided to become an affiliate for the company. That way I can share their products, I can save you some money too! Need to stock up on some DIY paint supplies? Or looking to try a new Staalmeester brush? You can now save 10% when you order through my affiliate link! No need to remember a code, the discount will automatically apply at check-out.

for your next DIY

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How to choose the right Staalmeester brush for your project?

If you are trying to decide which one Staalmeester brush to try out first, I would have to recommend the pointed sash brush from the original series! You just can’t beat the versatility this brush offers. For more detailed information on Staalmeester’s brushes, I often refer back to [this post] by Fusion Mineral Paint. It walks you through everything you need to know on how to choose the right brush for you.

black wooden hutch with open shelves for displaying china
fusion mineral paint raw silk on cabinet with open shelves with staalmeester brushes

How to clean and maintain your Staalmeester Brushes?

Staalmeester paint brushes are definitely an investment, so you want to be sure you take good care of them so they last! Because Fusion Mineral Paint is a water based paint, cleaning out your Staalmeester brushes is fairly easy. I start by rinsing off the brush under water, but just a minute or so. Then I like to submerge the bristles in a cup / jar of water right up to the orange threads. If you’re able to suspend the brush in the water, so that the bristles aren’t touching the bottom of the cup / jar, that works even better. (Click here to see a video on my IG highlights of how I clean my brushes!) The paint will literally settle at the bottom of the cup! I have also used a little dab of dawn dish soap in the past, though more recently I have switched to Fusion’s Mineral’s brush soap. I have been really happy with the brush soap so far!

black tall hutch with open shelves for displaying china
fusion mineral paint in raw silk on painted hutch with open shelving

If you are like me, or like I was a few years ago, and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed at the thought of painting furniture in your home… then I hope this post answered some of your questions! And I hope you’re feeling more confident in yourself and your ability to tackle a DIY paint project. Especially now that you know a little more about Fusion Mineral Paint and Staalmeester brushes! My biggest tip or advice when painting furniture is to use quality products. And my second biggest tip is to just go for it, because you really can’t mess it up. Don’t like the color you chose, just pick a new color and paint over it. Not sure if you should really paint that antique wood dresser? That’s what they make paint stripper for! Paint doesn’t have to be permanent, so just go for it and try something new!

If you’re still feeling a little overwhelmed, grab my free furniture painting guide below!

Thanks for stopping by the blog today friend, and as always, thank you so much for following along…

Love, Brittany

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  1. Hey there! 🎨 Your hutch transformation is absolutely stunning! 😍 It’s amazing how a fresh coat of Fusion Mineral Paint in Raw Silk can completely change the vibe of a piece. I’m a huge fan of Fusion Mineral Paint and Staalmeester brushes too – they make DIY projects so much more enjoyable. I couldn’t agree more with your points about Fusion Mineral Paint. The fact that it’s beginner-friendly with minimal prep, self-leveling for a smooth finish, low VOC, and easy to clean up makes it a game-changer for DIY enthusiasts. Plus, Staalmeester brushes are the perfect companion for achieving that professional look.

    1. Well thank you! It’s such a good warm white. Glad you enjoyed the post, and it’s always nice to meet another Fusion Mineral Paint lover!! 🙂

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