Master Bedroom Update – Our White Cottage Farmhouse Color Palette

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I’ve been slowly working on updating our master bedroom with little projects here and there this past year. My goal is to create a more cohesize look with a neutral white cottage farmhouse style and color palette! And this week I updated our door color! They say paint is one of the easiest way to update your space, and I fully agree with that statement! So today on the blog, I thought I’d share a bit more about my thought process on this space as well as all the details on our new door!

It’s no secret that I am a fan of cozy neutral spaces and all things white and woodgrain! But for this space, I’m mixing in lots of taupey mushroomy tones to complement all the white cottage touches and the farmhouse woodgrain! The first update I made to this space was our DIY headboard makeover. This was a high impact project for me and for this room!! And if you missed this post or if you’re new here… you need to go check out the before of the headboard!

white cottage farmhouse style bedding and upholstered headboard

Then there was this DIY tie-up curtain. This curtain has been one of my most popular blog posts on Pinterest thus far… and it’s one of my favorite DIY’s! It added the perfect little touch to this door, and the little tie-up details on the sides were so easy and fun!

striped tie-up curtains on blue door

But after updating the headboard and the curtain, the entry door to the porch started to stick out a bit like a sore thumb. Or like a blue door in a room full or white and mushroomy tones. So I started looking at paint colors right away! And my go to paint for interior projects like this is none other than Fusion Mineral Paint.

cozy white cottage bedding with floral sheets and a floral throw pillow

I debated between Fusion’s Goddess Ashwaganda and Fusion’s Putty, and I elected to test out Putty first. And let me just take a minute to say that I absolutely love this color! Fusion Mineral’s Putty is the perfect mushroomy brown shade for my white cottage farmhouse style bedroom. And it fits so well with the color palette we chose for our master bedroom!

white cottage farmhouse bedroom with floral accents

I also want to take a minute to talk about how much I love Fusion Mineral Paints! #1) Fusion paints are zero VOC’s meaning no nasty chemicals or odor! #2) They are super easy to work with! The paints are self leveling which makes brush strokes much less of an issue. #3) Little prep is required before painting because it adheres so well. Unless your piece is super glossy, there usually is no need to prime. #4) Fusion Paints come in so many color options! Some of my favorites are Raw Silk, Champlain, and Putty. #5) Clean up is super easy, I just rinse my brushes in the sink and agitate the bristles with maybe a drop or so of Dawn, and that’s all you need to clean out your brush.

fusion putty

I absolutely love the way our door looks with our neutral white cottage farmhouse style in our master bedroom! It fits the colors in here so well. And I am so glad to have found a new favorite Fusion Mineral paint color! Paint truly is one of the easiest and most cost effective ways to update and refresh your space! And that’s exactly what it did for this room.

Need a little extra info or encouragement to tackle a paint project around your home! I got ya friend! Download my free furniture painting guide below. Inside you’ll find my best painting tips and tricks, answers to some of my most frequently asked painting FAQ’s, a list of my favorite colors, and my exclusive discount with Fusion Mineral Paint.

neutral white cottage farmhouse bedroom

I hope you enjoyed this post today and found a little inspiration for your own home! Updates here at the farmhouse tend to take a while, but that’s real life and mom life, am I right?! It may seem like a small thing. But painting this door has made all the difference in this space for me! And sometimes that’s all it takes to breath new life into your rooms and your home. A little DIY project, a new furniture arrangement, or a fresh coat of paint can make the world of difference! Thanks for stopping by the blog today and everyday, and as always, thank you so much for following along…

Love, Brittany

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