Behr Bit of Sugar: the Perfect White Paint Color for Trim, Walls, and Exterior

One of my most frequently asked questions is “What color paint is that on your walls?”. Followed by “But what about the trim?” and “What color is the exterior of your home?” I even had a super sweet DM on Instagram recently from someone who had tried to search the blog looking for the name of the color before she messaged me to ask. So I figured it’s high time I write this post! Today I’m sharing with y’all the most perfect white paint color you’ll ever find: Behr Bit of Sugar!

Behr Bit of Sugar is the perfect cool toned true bright white

Choosing the perfect white paint color is hard y’all! Chances are you’re reading this because you already know that to be true. It’s SO hard! And there are only about 9,325,463,183 different shades of white. And they all have different undertones, and the color changes with the light. So how do you even begin to choose the right white paint color for your home? Well that’s why I’m writing this post. I hope it can be a resource for you if you’re considering Bit of Sugar by Behr.

Personally I found it really helpful to see real photos of real rooms and real homes when I was narrowing down my paint color options. So I’ve included a ton of photos of Behr’s Bit of Sugar in our home.

Behr Bit of Sugar in our all white farmhouse kitchen with white shaker cabinets and white quartz countertops and pine wood floors

We chose Behr Bit of Sugar to use all throughout our farmhouse. It’s the white paint color we used for our interior walls, for our trimwork, the interior doors, and even the exterior of the farmhouse! So I have a ton of photos to show y’all how it looks in different rooms and in different lighting. (Side note, I do edit my photos. But I try to color correct them to match as true to real life as I can. Sometimes the light can do weird things to the colors in photos making your whites pull green or just look different in photos than it does in person. I did my best to show photos of the color as true to reality as possible. Be sure to test out any new paint color in your home and in your spaces before you fully commit.)

Behr Bit of Sugar on our entryway walls with the double front doors painted in Fusion Mineral Putty

Is Bit of Sugar by Behr a cool-toned or a warm-toned white?

Behr Bit of Sugar is a cool-toned white. But if I’m being honest I think Behr Bit of Sugar can look warm or cool depending on what other colors are in the room. Pair it with grays or blues and it would probably pull more cool toned. Pair it with warm wood tones, antique furniture in creamy whites and beige tones, and it could look more warm. While it is technically a cool-toned white, it does not feel cold at all to me in our home and I’ll explain why.

all white and wood farmhouse bedroom with reclaimed wood fireplace and Behr Bit of Sugar on the walls and trim

What undertones do you see in Behr’s Bit of Sugar?

There are very minimal undertones in Behr’s Bit of Sugar. That’s part of why I think it’s the perfect white! I wanted something with no yellow undertones for our farmhouse, and Bit of Sugar has no yellow undertones. It’s a true bright white, but it’s not stark white. Our home has a lot of warm wood tones throughout. The floors are a lighter color pine, and we also have darker reclaimed wood shiplap from the old house throughout. We also have lots of creams, beige, tan, and even some grays mixed into our home’s palette in the form of painted furniture, rugs, linens, etc. The warmth of the wood and the warmth from our home’s furnishings pair really well with the bright white of Bit of Sugar.

neutral white farmhouse cottage style bedroom with Bit of Sugar by Behr on the walls and wood floors

What sheen of paint did you use in your home?

Our interior walls are satin. The interior doors and trimwork are semigloss. The siding on the exterior of our home is satin.

white farmhouse exterior with board and batten siding and a red brick chimney

What’s the best way to know if Behr Bit of Sugar is right for me?

Behr offers a free color visualizer tool on their website. Using their color visualizer, you can “try” a new paint color by uploading a photo of your space and clicking on a color of your choice. It’s pretty fun to play around with and is a great place to start.

cottage farmhouse bathroom with clawfoot tub, wood shiplap surround, tile floors, and Behr Bit of Sugar white walls

But honestly the best way to know if Bit of Sugar (or any new paint color for that matter) is right for you and your home is to just try it out for yourself! Head to Home Depot and purchase a sample of the color to try in your home. I reccomend painting sample swatches on your walls rather than just grabbing the free paint chips. You’ll get a more accurate look at the color that way! Be sure to observe your test swatches in different lighting and on different walls.

Behr Bit of Sugar in a white farmhouse bathroom with a reclaimed wood handmade vanity with a white cabinet skirt

I hope today’s post was helpful! And I wish you the best on your search for the perfect white paint color for your home! Whether that’s Bit of Sugar or another beautiful shade of white.

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And if you’re new here and you want to know more about our farmhouse and our story, be sure take a tour of “the old house” and look through all the before photos while you’re here! Thanks for stopping by the blog today! Until next time y’all…

Love, Brittany

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