Lily of the Valley Decor Finds for Spring

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Lily of the valley flowers always remind me of my Granny. She would point them out to me in the spring as they started to come up in clusters around the old house and on the graveyard. I have loved these sweet little flowers since I was a young girl, and one day I plan to plant more of them all around our farm!

cluster of lily of the valley flowers blooming by an old farmhouse

In the meantime, I’ll keep on enjoying the few that continue to pop up each spring and remind me of her!

white lily of the valley flowers in a blue mason jar

This week I was window shopping on Pottery Barn’s website, and I stumbled upon a few Lily of the Valley decor finds that stopped me dead in my scroll. So then I went down a rabbit hole looking for more spring floral finds with these sweet bell-shaped blooms. 10 minutes turned into and hour, and I found soooo many pretty home things… I thought I might as well share all my finds here with you!

20+ floral lily of the valley decor finds for spring

I hope this post brought a little joy, and a little spring inspiration to your scroll today. I can never get enough of our farm’s lily of the valley flowers this time of year! So it was fun to discovering so many lily of the valley themed home decor finds!! It was a good distraction and a much needed mental break from working on the big blog refresh this week. (If you missed it, click that link for more details about all the blog updates I’ve been working on, new features, etc.) Thanks for stopping by the blog and hanging out with me today! And as always, thanks so much for following along…

Love, Brittany

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