Our Samsung Frame TV Review & DIY Fireplace Project Updates!

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Today on the blog I get to share an exciting post with y’all… featuring our Samsung Frame TV review and an update on the DIY fireplace project! We have been working so hard behind the scenes, and if you’ve been following along on IG Stories you have gotten to see this project unfold in real time. Be sure to go and check out the “DIY fireplace” highlight for lots of video progress updates if you have missed it!

Samsung Frame TV Review & DIY Fireplace Project Updates

We have made major progress on the DIY fireplace project… Big enough progress that it deserves its own blog post y’all! I promise you when we are officially done with the whole project, I will be writing a very detailed blog post showing all the before, during and after photos of the fireplace and I will be sure to include detailed descriptions and photos of exactly what we did! But that’s for another day… this post is all about our Samsung Frame TV and my review of it so far!

Samsung Frame TV Review & DIY Fireplace Project Updates

We bought our Frame TV on Black Friday last year. And ever since then we used the feet it comes with, and had it sitting on our TV cabinet. But now that we are building out the fireplace, we are finally ready and able to mount the TV using the no-gap wall mount it came with! So while I haven’t really talked much about it until now, I have had a good year to reflect on our Frame TV before sharing my thoughts on it…

Frame TV and Deco TV Frame in Tuscan Antique Gold above fireplace mantel

And my honest review… is that I absolutely love it! We have the 65″ Frame TV, and it truly does allow your TV to turn into a piece of art! The TV comes with an “Art Mode” setting that allows you to add any digital art, or even a family photo, to the TV when you’re not watching it… allowing it to blend into your home’s decor! The no-gap wall mount that comes with the Frame TV allows you to mount the TV flush with the wall, just like a framed piece of art would hang!

Samsung Frame TV and Deco TV Frame in Tuscan Antique Gold

The Samsung Frame TV also makes hiding those pesky cords so simple!! One very small clear cord hangs down from the center of the bottom of the TV, and it’s so small that you can hardly tell it’s there. Many people hide this cord by running it along the seams of their shiplap. I plan to run it along the groove of our beadboard, and across the mantel. But even if you’re hanging the TV on drywall, the cord is so small and discreet that it would easily blend in! The cord plugs into what Samsung calls the “One Connect Box”. Basically its a box that you can hide in a cabinet or on a nearby shelf. And you plug all your components into that box, instead of directly into your TV.

Samsung Frame TV art and Deco TV Frame in Tuscan Antique Gold
Deco TV Frame in Tuscan Antique Gold

I could go on and on y’all… but I truly love this TV! And no, Samsung is not sponsoring this post! However, I am an affiliate partner with Deco TV Frames… and I want to take a minute to tell you about them! Do you see that beautiful antique looking frame surrounding our TV? Well it’s made by Deco TV Frames! And it takes your Frame TV from “oh that’s cool”, to “WOAH, THAT’S YOUR TV?!”

Samsung Frame TV on beadboard wall above fireplace

I ordered three samples to determine which style I loved most for our space. From left to right, the samples I ordered are the Tuscan Antique Gold, Tuscan Gold, and Antique White. And I ended up choosing the Tuscan Antique Gold! The two Tuscan styles are very similar looking. But the main difference to me is that the Tuscan Antique Gold was just a little bit more aged looking. The grooves of the frame and the details of it were a darker warmer brown color. And the gold parts were just a little more subtle in the best way! The Antique White was a bit creamier and more yellow than I liked for our home. Now if I had been mounting the TV directly onto the stained shiplap, it could have worked!

samples from Deco TV Frames in Tuscan Antique Gold, Tuscan Gold, and Antique White

Installing the frame onto our Frame TV was super simple, and took us all of 5 minutes! First you assemble the pieces on the floor. Then you lift the top of the frame onto the top of your Frame TV. From there it snaps into place on the bottom of the TV. It was a very simple process and instantly changed the look of this space!

Samsung Frame TV review
Deco TV Frame in Tuscan Antique Gold

DECO TV FRAMES UPDATE: the exact color / style of our Deco TV Frame is no longer available online. The closest one available now is called Tuscan Copper and it’s really similar y’all! Like so close, only slightly different in color. But there are a ton of colors and styles to choose from on their website. Some of my personal favorites are the Antique Gold, the Antique White, and the Ornate Gold.

farmhouse style living room with TV mounted above the fireplace

Want to see the rest of this project unfold from start to finish? Take a look back at where we started… (Today’s post would be part 4 in this series of posts!)

I’m so pleased with how this space is coming together! And I hope you enjoyed reading my Samsung Frame TV review and getting to see an update on our DIY fireplace project! I can’t wait to get this project completed and show you the finished space! Thanks for stopping by the blog today friend, and as always, thank you so much for following along…

Love, Brittany

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