How to Find Free Art for Your Samsung Frame TV

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Today on the blog I want to show you how to find free art for the Samsung Frame TV.

When we first bought our Samsung Frame TV, I went straight to Etsy and started searching for the perfect Frame TV art for our home. But I’m here today to tell you that you don’t need to do that! I mean, you totally can if you want to. But why pay for art for your Frame TV when you can find it online for free?

white and wood farmhouse living room with an antique mantel, an electric fireplace insert, and a Samsung Frame TV above the mantel

Y’all, I feel like I uncovered a secret treasure trove of free digital art. this may sound too good to be true but I promise you, it’s not. You really can find free art for the Samsung Frame TV, and the best place to look is in the public domain.

What is public domain art?

Art in the public domain is considered free to use, print, display in your home, etc. It’s kindof like the library, but for art instead of books.

how to find free frame TV art for the Samsung Frame TV to fit a cottage farmhouse living room

Want to know a secret all the online print shops don’t want you to know about? They’re most likely sourcing their art from the public domain!

Yes, you read that right.

A lot of the frame TV art you’ll find on Etsy and in online digital art print shops, is most likely free art that the shop sourced from the public domain. I imagine these shops spend hours scrolling through the archives, curating their personal favorite artworks. They then sell digital copies of the art online, art that was totally free for them and it’s totally legit.

Samsung frame TV with a gold Deco TV Frame above an antique mantel and electric fireplace decorated with white pumpkins for fall

You could spend hours and hours scrolling to find the perfect frame TV art!

So truthfully these print shops are doing you a favor by sourcing the best ones. They’re spending all that time so that you don’t have to. Going through a print shop can be a huge time saver!

fall frame TV art for the Samsung Frame TV to fit a cottage farmhouse living room

But if you have the time, you can source your own free digital art for your Frame TV!

I am so excited to share this info with you, and I hope it serves as a helpful resource. Especially for the people like me, who want to find the hidden gems, and the frame TV art that no one else has found yet!

I personally don’t mind spending the time scrolling to find a unique piece of art that fits my home and my style. And maybe that’s you too! If so, this post is full of info that’s going to point you in the right direction and show you how to find free art for the Samsung Frame TV.

But if that doesn’t sound like your cup of tea, just keep scrolling. I have a free resource and I promise you’re going to love it!

18 Places to Find Free Art for the Samsung Frame TV

I rounded up a list of 18 of the best places to look for free art for the Samsung Frame TV! Click the links below to visit each of the sites and find a few new favorite art pieces for your home.

This is the part where it can get overwhelming! With so many places to look, and so many choices, you may be thinking it would be easier to just pay for your Frame TV art on Etsy or source it from one of the print shops after all!

Maybe you don’t want to spend the time scrolling through the archives right now. Or maybe you just need a little help getting started, and someone to point you in the right direction…

Download All My Favorite Free Frame TV Art

I have been saving all my favorite Frame TV art finds with you in mind. And I’d love to share them with you, totally for free, as a thank you for stopping by the blog today!

I curated my own collection of free Frame TV art finds, all sourced from the public domain, and I put them all together in a handy little guide just for you.

Here’s a peek at the collection! (Scroll down to subscribe and download your copy today. I’ll send you a clickable PDF with sources and links for the entire collection!)

There are over 30 different pieces of art in the collection!

It’s organized by season, and is very easy to navigate. There are photos and direct links to each of the art pieces I included in the collection.

All of the art I included is totally free to download and use as Frame TV art, or anywhere in your home for that matter.

If you like my style, I know you’ll love the pieces I found… so save yourself the time (I literally spent hours scrolling to find the best ones) and take advantage of this freebie y’all!

FAQ’s About Our Samsung Frame TV

is the Frame tv worth the money?

In my opinion, yes! Samsung’s Frame TV is beautiful in person, and my photos don’t it justice.

I’m someone who cares a lot about the look and the aesthetics in our home. We re-built my grandparent’s 1800’s farmhouse, and I’ve tried to stay true to the essence of the old house in all my design choices.

Have you taken the tour?

We re-built our family’s 1800’s farmhouse… and I put together a mini tour of the before photos!

I love antiques and farmhouse / cottage style decor, and I just knew that I didn’t want a big black, modern looking box front and center in our living room.

fall art from the public domain used as free Frame TV art for the Samsung Frame TV

On the other hand, my husband loves to watch football and basketball games. He’s of the mindset that when it comes to watching sports, the bigger the screen the better! So we ended up purchasing this 65 inch Samsung Frame TV.

simple fall mantel decor in a white and wood farmhouse living room

The bigger size felt like a compromise to my ideal aesthetic at the time, because I would have liked to go smaller. The price was a compromise for my husband and I’s budget. But investing in the Frame TV allowed me to get the look I wanted and the ability to transform the big black box into art and essentially hide the TV when I wanted to.

We’ve been really happy with our investment and so for us, yes, the Frame TV was totally worth the money!

how do you change or add art onto the tv?

There are a few different ways you can add art to your Samsung Frame TV.

#1) Purchase art in the Samsung Art Store directly on your TV.

#2) Use the Smart Things app on your phone. This app allows your phone to work as a remote for the TV, and it also allows you to add digital art directly from your phone onto the TV.

#3) Save your digital art or images to a flash drive, and then plug the flash drive into the one connect box that comes with your Samsung Frame TV.

Now ask me how I figured out option #3!

I was never able to get the Smart Things app to work consistently. Sometimes the app would connect, other times it wouldn’t.

I ended up contacting tech support, and they were stumped by this too. But they did say that the app sometimes has issues when installed on a non-Samsung device. My phone is a Google Pixel, and I also have an Apple iPad. I installed the Smart Things app on both devices, but it still wouldn’t work for us.

Tech support told me about the flash drive option, and that’s how I add art to our Samsung Frame TV!

This is the only work-around I have been able to find, but it works great! So if the Smart Things App won’t let you change the art on your Frame TV, try adding your digital art to a flash drive. Then plug the flash drive directly into your One Connect box. This will allow you to add and change the art on your TV.

simple fall mantel decor in a white and wood farmhouse living room
how do you resize digital art to fit the frame tv?

The easiest way to resize digital art so that it fits correctly on the frame tv is to use an online resizing tool. I use this digital art resizing tool on Deco TV Frame’s website.

where did you get the gold frame on your samsung frame tv?

In my opinion, adding an actual frame to the TV is what makes the Samsung Frame TV look like a real piece of art!

Our gold frame is from Deco TV Frames. This particular color / style was called Tuscan Antique Gold, and unfortunately it is no longer available online.

Samsung Frame TV close up with a gold Deco TV Frame
white pumpkins stacked on top of two vintage style green book boxes

The closest one available now is called Tuscan Copper and it’s really similar y’all! Like so close, only slightly different in color. But there are a ton of colors and styles to choose from on their website.

Some of my personal favorite frame styles are the Antique Gold, the Antique White, and the Ornate Gold. If you love the idea of adding a frame to your Samsung Frame TV, but don’t love the gold, there are tons of different colors and styles of frames that can fit any home’s aesthetic!

Bonus: #5 Ways to Use / Display Public Domain Art in Your Home

  • Print a copy of your favorite piece and add to a vintage frame!
  • Find an image of a painting that you love, and have it printed on canvas for a really authentic look.
  • Print your favorite photo on plain paper or cardstock, then paint a thin layer of modge podge over the photo. As the modge podge dries, the texture of the brush strokes will dry making your printed photo look like an actual painting!
  • Collect a few different pieces of art, and arrange them in a gallery wall!
  • Save one to use as a screensaver on your computer, or even as the background on your phone.
fall mantel decor with a TV above the fireplace in a white cottage style living room
white and wood farmhouse living room with an antique mantel, an electric fireplace insert, and a Samsung Frame TV above the mantel

Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope sharing how I find free art for the Samsung Frame TV was helpful and gave you a few new places to look for art for your home.

And be sure to scroll back up and take advantage of that freebie before you go!

I curated so many beautiful and totally free Frame TV art options in the guide, and I’d love to send it your way to save you a little time searching through all the archives. Until next time…

Love, Brittany

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