Afloral Norfolk Pine Garland vs. Kirkland’s Norfolk Pine Garland

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Are you debating between the Afloral norfolk pine garland and Kirkland’s norfolk pine garland? They’re both great options if you’re looking for a realistic-looking, faux norfolk pine garland! The Afloral garland and the Kirkland’s garland are both popular, and they both sell out every year. I think that speaks for itself! This year I decided to order one of each. So if you’re on the fence about these two faux garland options, keep reading for more info on which one is the best.

I myself was debating between these two faux Christmas garland options last year… but I waited too late in the season, and they both sold out before I could place my order. So this year I was ready and waiting to click “add to cart”! I ended up ordering both options: the original Afloral real touch norfolk pine garland and Kirkland’s norfolk pine natural touch garland.

comparing afloral's real touch norfolk pine garland with kirkland's norfolk pine natural touch garland
Afloral Norfolk PineKirkland’s Norfolk Pine

Now that they’re here, I cannot wait to share my full review with you! There was something that really surprised me seeing both garlands in person, and it may surprise you too. I promise I’ll explain… But the short version is that if you’re looking for the best faux norfolk pine garland for your home, this post is a must read!

Who makes the best faux norfolk pine garland – Afloral or Kirkland’s?

This post will include photos of both garlands in our home, up close views and a full view, as well as all the details on pricing, quality, appearance, texture, my personal review, etc.

the best norfolk pine garlands from afloral and kirkland's
Kirkland’s Norfolk PineAfloral Norfolk Pine

But if you’re like me, you may not want to wait till the end of this review to find out which norfolk pine garland is the best, and which one gets my personal stamp of approval. So I’m sharing that info first, because it really surprised me and will probably surprise you too!

5 foot pine garlands running down the center of a dining table
Kirkland’s Norfolk PineAfloral Norfolk Pine

Spoiler alert!

Ok, so the final verdict, and the thing that really surprised me… is that Afloral’s norfolk pine garland was identical to Kirkland’s norfolk pine garland! And I do mean identical. I had to leave the tags on while I was taking photos and writing this review post so that I didn’t mix them up. They’re truly that close!

Afloral Norfolk Pine Garland vs. Kirkland’s Norfolk Pine Garland

Let the garland games begin! Like I mentioned above, the two garlands I ordered were identical in person. I’m still going to give you the full run down and all the details for this review. But I couldn’t get to that info without sharing the fact that they’re basically the same garlands!

realistic norfolk pine garland comparison - Afloral vs Kirkland's
Kirkland’s Norfolk PineAfloral Norfolk Pine

Best in Appearance & Quality: this one’s a tie!

Both Afloral’s version and Kirkland’s version are beautiful in person! Because they’re identical, I speak for both garlands when I say they are very realistic looking for a faux garland. The color is perfect and varied throughout the greenery. They bend and are easy to shape and drape over hooks or a mantel. The hook / handle is a dark brown and could pass for an actual stem or branch. Appearance wise I was very happy with both of these norfolk pine garlands and I give Afloral and Kirkland’s a tie for this category. Quality wise, both garlands are well made, and the greenery seems pretty securely attached to the garland. These are pieces that I’ll keep and use year after year in our home!

comparing afloral's real touch norfolk pine garland with kirkland's norfolk pine natural touch garland
Afloral Norfolk PineKirkland’s Norfolk Pine

Multiple Garland Length Options: it’s a tie!

Kirkland’s & Afloral both offer their norfolk pine garlands in two lengths. You can choose between a 5 foot length, or a 15 foot length from either brand!

realistic Christmas greenery garland draped over hanging hooks in a white farmhouse dining room with a black cocker spaniel puppy
Afloral Norfolk PineKirkland’s Norfolk Pine

Best in Price: Kirkland’s wins.

Pricing is honestly the only difference between the two garlands I ordered. Afloral’s norfolk pine garland was around $20 more than Kirkland’s version. And with no noticeable differences between the two, Kirkland’s definitely wins this category!

The Best Faux Norfolk Pine Garlands

Best Coordinating Faux Norfolk Pine Decor Finds

That was a bit wordy, so let me explain it a little better. This category is all about the coordinating faux norfolk pine decor items. These are items that are also available from Afloral and Kirkland’s. They are pieces that coordinate with the norfolk pine garlands I featured in this post!

comparing afloral's real touch norfolk pine garland with kirkland's norfolk pine natural touch garland
Kirkland’s Norfolk PineAfloral Norfolk Pine

I’ll share some of the faux norfolk pine decor pieces below, along with my take on each of the items. The winner for these categories is a little more subjective, so I’ll give my thoughts, but ultimately you get to determine the winners below because there is a lot more variation in the items from one brand to the other.

Norfolk Pine Stems

Both Kirkland’s and Afloral offer faux norfolk pine stems. Just looking at the photos of the two, they look very similar to the garlands in this post, and I imagine they too are identical. The photos below show the stems bent and shaped differently, but if you look closely at the texture and the feel of the greenery, it looks very similar to the garlands above! Without having seen the stems in person, and based on the price alone, I personally think Kirkland’s wins this category.

Norfolk Pine Wreaths

Kirkland’s carries a few different norfolk pine wreaths. They have one with red berries, one with lights, and they even have a flocked option. Afloral has a traditional, faux norfolk pine wreath. I love the simple look of the plain greenery in the Afloral wreath, so for me, Afloral wins this category based on looks alone.

Norfolk Pine Mini Trees

I love these mini trees! For me this one’s a toss up. Kirkland’s and Afloral both offer faux mini norfolk pine trees, and at varying sizes. They’re all beautiful, it just depends on what you like better, and what size and price point works best for you.

Norfolk Pine Deluxe 72 inch Garland

While both of the norfolk pine garlands featured in this post are beautiful and essentially identical, there is another option that you might prefer if you want a really lush and full garland!

Afloral offers a deluxe version of their norfolk pine garland. The deluxe version is 6 feet long, compared to the 5 foot original garland, and it’s also twice as full! It’s definitely more of a splurge, but it is truly beautiful in photos. Is it worth the cost? I guess that depends on who you ask.

When I first started to write this post, I was going to call the Kirkland’s garland a “dupe” for the Afloral norfolk pine garland. And I meant “dupe” as in “look-a-like” or “knock-off”. But to be honest, that would have been doing the Kirkland’s garland a disservice. They truly are both beautiful in person, but I am convinced they are the exact same products. (I actually plan on returning my Afloral garland and grabbing a couple more of the Kirkland’s brand garlands instead!) So take my word for it, or check them both out for yourself if you want to do your own comparison in your home.

Want to see how I styled these norfolk pine garlands for Christmas? Head to this post for our French country farmhouse bedroom all done up in vintage toile and wintery greens for Christmas.

I hope this post was helpful to you and brought a little holiday cheer to your scroll today! Thanks for stopping by the blog today, and until next time…

Love, Brittany

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  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! I missed out the past 2 years because they were sold out. I didn’t expect to have options this time around! You just saved me hours (maybe days) of indecision! Thank you!!!!!

  2. Thank you! Kirklands is sold out of the 5ft. What are your thoughts of getting the 15ft and cutting it down? Think it would work?

    1. Hi Daria! They sold out super quick!! I just looked at the 5 foot ones I have and I’m not sure to be honest. Possibly? The brown part that all the greenery is attached to is very thick so it would be tough to cut. But if you look closely, there are slits all down the brown part. And that’s how the green parts are attached. The green parts are inserted into the slits and attached on the inside somehow. So maybe if you were to cut through the slit the rest of the way, you could get more than one garland out of it?

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