Easy DIY Farmhouse Pillow Covers with Tie Closures

Welcome back friends! After a two week covid hiatus, I’m so excited to be back in my happy place sharing our home and all the things I love here on the blog… While in quarantine and with lots of time on hand, I updated a couple of our pillow covers and I’m loving how they turned out!

These DIY farmhouse pillow covers were a very simple sewing project, and they were super budget friendly! One of the easiest ways to update a room is to swap out the small things, like pillows! But finding a cover you like and a budget friendly option can take some shopping around. Sometimes, it makes more sense to go the DIY route, and that’s exactly what I did to update a couple of our pillows here at the farmhouse!

DIY farmhouse pillow covers
white and neutral toned french farmhouse bedding with DIY pillow covers
tie closures on a farmhouse style lumbar pillow
DIY tie up curtains and pillow covers made from striped white and gray material

You may remember the DIY tie-up curtains I blogged about a little while back (click this link to read the full post). I had just enough leftover fabric from that project to make two pillow covers for these lumbar pillows. Initially when I set out to make these pillow covers, I was planning to sew the cover shut on all four sides, nice and simple, like I did when I recovered another set of pillows earlier this year. To see how those pillow covers turned out, click this link to read the full post. But I really wanted the option to wash these covers as needed. So I closed up three sides of the pillow cover and stuffed the insert inside. After giving it some thought and taking to Pinterest, I decided to create two tie closures for each pillow.

white and gray lumbar pillow
making a cover for a lumbar pillow

Step 1:

Once I had three sides of the pillow sewed together, I ironed the hem of the opening to make sewing easier.

ironing the hem of a pillow cover
freshly pressed hem

Step 2:

Then I prepared my ties. I had saved these thinner pieces of material / trim from another item I purchased a while back. I couldn’t tell you what they came off of, but I remember it was wrapped around another item as part of the packaging. And for whatever reason I decided to save them. Since they were already sewed together, I knew they would make the perfect ties for these pillow covers. For the second set of ties, I cut the hem off of a drop cloth. A little crazy, I know…  but it’s very close to the same color and size of the other ties, and was already sewed together. When in quarantine, you use what you have, haha!

tan tie closures
using drop cloth for pillow cover ties
cutting the hem of a drop cloth
ties for pillow cover closures

Step 3:

I pinned the ties to the inside of the ironed seem, and sewed the hem close. I also reinforced the ties by sewing over them a couple times.

ties pinned to the hem
ties pinned to the hem
ties pinned to the hem
ties secured to the pillow cover

Step 4:

The last step was to stuff the insert and tie the ties into two bows. And that’s it!

stuffing the pillow insert into the cover
DIY farmhouse pillow covers
french farmhouse pillow covers with tie closures
DIY pillow covers with a french farmhouse cottage look
white and neutral toned french farmhouse bedding with DIY pillow covers

Aren’t they so cute?? The sweet little bows where the ties come together have me itching to make a few more, and they give me all the french farmhouse vibes! These DIY farmhouse pillow covers were such a fun project, and they helped me stay busy at least for a day!! Using leftover items I already had on hand made this my perfect quarantine DIY. I’ve really missed sharing with y’all here on the blog, as well as on my social media accounts… so I’m very excited to be back at it again! This blog is my little corner of the internet. It’s where I share all my DIY projects, our home, and our story… It’s where I get to share my passions with y’all! I hope you find some inspiration here today and every time you visit the blog. And as always thanks for following along…

Love, Brittany
DIY farmhouse pillow covers

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