DIY Cloth Napkin Pillow Covers

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These DIY cloth napkin pillow covers turned out amazing! So much prettier than I even imagined… I’ve been wanting to switch out a few of our pillow covers for a while now. But I hadn’t found exactly what I wanted at the price point I was willing to pay. When I came across these napkins on a Home Goods trip, I knew they’d make the perfect neutral farmhouse / cottage pillow covers! The color was perfect, a nice beige and cream, and the stripes added great texture.

4 pack of neutral striped cloth napkins

Because I found these at Home Goods, I wasn’t able to find a link for these exact napkins. I did find a few similar options that I think would make beautiful pillow covers so I am linking some them below. Click on any of the photos below to shop that item.

I’m so glad I took photos during the process so I can share them with you here on the blog! Here’s all the steps I took to turn these cloth napkins into pillow covers…

neutral beige and cream striped napkins

Now I’m no expert seamstress by any means! But I know my way around a Singer and I can sew straight lines all day! My first step was to line up two of the napkins right-side out, and sew a straight line just inside the hem. I sewed on the outside of the napkins because I wanted the napkin hem to stand out on the edges of the pillow case. You’ll see what I mean in photos further down…

sewing cloth napkins to make a pillow cover

I sewed up three sides completely in one continuous line. And I partially closed up the fourth side of the pillow cover. This left just enough room to stuff in the pillow insert. The napkins I used were 18 x 18 inches, and the pillow insert was 20 x 20 inches. I think overstuffing them gives a nice full look to the pillows!

sewing cloth napkins to make a DIY pillow cover
edge details of neutral striped pillow cover

After stuffing the pillow insert into the cover, I sewed up the opening on that last side and fluffed the insert to make sure it was lined up nicely.

neutral tan and white striped cloth napkin pillow cover
DIY farmhouse style pillow covers

One little karate chop, and there you have it! A super affordable, easy DIY cloth napkin pillow cover!

cloth napkin pillow cover
DIY cloth napkin pillow covers
neutral cottage style cloth napkin pillow covers

I ended up using all 4 napkins to create two pillow covers. And after only spending $6.99 total, these pillow covers ended up costing less that $4 a piece! You cannot beat that!

neutral farmhouse style cloth napkin pillow covers

And by sewing the napkins together just inside the hem, it added this little extra detail where the napkin hems stand up around the perimeter of the pillows! So glad I didn’t sew these inside out, and flip them!!

edge details of diy pillow covers
edge details of diy striped pillow covers
diy cloth napkin pillow covers
striped beige and cream pillows

I am loving how these DIY cloth napkin pillow covers turned out, and I’ll be keeping my eye out for more cloth napkins in the future! They were the perfect size for the 20″ pillow inserts, and they were a very and affordable update!! I hope this post inspires you, and reminds you to see things not only for what they are, but for what they could be. As always, thanks so much for being here and following along…

Love, Brittany
DIY cloth napkin pillow covers

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