Easy DIY Soy Candles in Vintage Glassware

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I don’t know about you, but I’m a bit obsessed with vintage glassware. Milk glass, mason jars, jadeite, mismatched drinkware, hand-me-down china… I love it all! And I recently found a neat way to repurpose some of my vintage glassware collection in a fun and unexpected way. I’ve started making my own DIY soy candles in these pretty vintage vessels!

Today on the blog, I thought it would be fun to show you my latest DIY soy candle creation! I promise I’ll walk you through all the steps and the “how to” for this project. But the long of the short of it is that it’s honestly such an easy DIY. So if you’re considering making your own candles, I say go for it! Today’s post will show you just how easy it is to make your own DIY soy candles in vintage glassware using a candle making kit from Antique Candle Co.

easy DIY soy scented candle in a vintage milkglass planter using Antique Candle Co's

Vintage Glassware Ideas for Making DIY Candles

First things first, lets chat about what makes a good vessel for a DIY candle. You’ll want to find a container that is fireproof and that can withstand the heat of the flame. Make sure you choose a candle vessel that has no holes or cracks where melted wax could leak out. It’s also important to select a piece with a flat bottom. And lastly, make sure the container you choose is deep enough for your candle, roughly 3-7 inches deep.

Vintage Candle Container Ideas

  • old mason jars
  • vintage teacups
  • lidded sugar bowls
  • glass candy dishes
  • stoneware coffee creamers
  • milk glass pedestal bowls
  • pretty drinking glasses
collection of vintage glassware, from mason jars to milkglass to jadeite to vintage teacups, all gathered together for a DIY candle making project

I love vintage glassware, and I collect all different kinds from milk glass, to mason jars, to china, to mismatched drinkware. So when I got the idea to make my own scented soy candles in vintage glassware, I went all through our farmhouse gathering up some of my favorite collected finds. I grabbed anything that I thought would make a good vessel for a DIY candle. Here are a few pretty vintage glassware finds I considered for this candle making project!

DIY Scented Soy Candles Poured in Vintage Glassware Vessels

For my DIY candle project, I used this candle making kit from Antique Candle Co. I’ll share more about their kit and more info on picking a scent further down in this post… but first, let’s jump into the DIY! Here’s how I made my own DIY candle in vintage glassware.

Step by Step: How to Make a DIY Candle in Vintage Glassware

1.) choose your Vintage Candle vessel

With so many options, I had a hard time narrowing them down. But I decided you can never go wrong with milkglass. Check out the vintage Randal milk glass planter on the bottom right of the photo below. That’s the piece I chose for today’s candle making session!

collection of vintage glassware, from mason jars to milkglass to jadeite to vintage teacups, all gathered together for a DIY candle making project

2.) choose your candle scent

Next it was time to pick a scent! I chose Country Pear by Antique Candle Co. Country Pear is such a refreshing scent, perfect for Spring and Summer, though it smells good enough to burn year round in my humble opinion. It’s described as a “cozy blend of fresh golden pear with rich plum, highlighted with brown sugar vanilla and soft notes of roasted hazelnut”. It’s one of my go to scents from ACC!

3.) attach your wick to the bottom of your vessel

After you’ve chosen your vessel, you’ll want to attach your wick. Use the round adhesive stickers to attach your wick to the bottom of your candle vessel.

4.) melt the scented wax melts in your candle wax pot

Next up, you’ll want to melt your candle wax. I used this mini hot plate to heat up the wax pot and melt the candle wax. But alternatively, you can use any pot in your kitchen. Just add a little water to one of your cooking pots and heat the water on the stove over medium to low heat. Then place your wax melting pot inside the other pot. As the water in your pot heats up, it will melt the wax in the wax pot.

Hopefully I’m explaining that in a way that makes sense, but it’s basically a double boiler situation. You just need to heat up your wax enough to melt it so you can pour your candle into your candle vessel.

melting wax melts from Antique Candle Co in the scent Country Pear for a DIY candle in vintage glassware

5.) pour the wax into your vessel

After melting the wax, carefully pour the wax into your vintage candle vessel. I wish you could have smelled our kitchen right as I was pouring this pretty milk glass candle! Country Pear is seriously so good!!

melted wax cooling in a vintage milk glass planter for my DIY candle project

6.) secure the wick

Now that your wax has been poured, you can secure your wick so that it stays in place while the wax sets up. Antique Candle Co’s kit actually comes with 2 handy wick holders. Though I didn’t use them for this piece because the opening of the milk glass planter was too wide.

7.) Wait for your candle cure

I promise, this is the hardest part! You’ll want to wait at least 24 hours for your candle to fully cure. The wax may look like it’s fully hardened before 24 hours has passed, but be patient because the inside is likely still soft and melty. And if you don’t wait, your candle may not burn as it should. So try to be patient because it’s worth the wait!

8.) trim the wick and enjoy!

You did it! You poured your own candle!! And now that your candle has cured, all you’ll need to do is trim the wick down to 1/4 inch and enjoy. This is the fancy wick trimmer I use, but you can totally just use scissors too.

That’s all there is to it. So easy, and such a fun DIY. And look how pretty it turned out!

vintage milkglass planter turned into a DIY candle and styled on my cottage farmhouse shelves

The Best DIY Soy Candle Making Kit For Beginner’s

In my humble opinion, Antique Candle Co’s candle making kits are hands down the best DIY soy candle making kits around! These soy candle making kits come with everything you need other than the candle container / candle vessel.

Antique Candle Co’s wax melts come pre-scented. So you don’t have to mess with mixing oils and fragrances, crossing your fingers that your homemade candle smells good in the end. You can trust that your candles will smell amazing because they’ve taken care of that part for you. Plus they have a 100% scent happiness guarantee, so if you order a candle or a kit and don’t love the scent. They will replace it with one you do love!

the best candle making kit for beginner candle makers - Antique Candle Co's candle making kit includes everything you need to get started!

What’s Included in Antique Candle Co’s Candle Making Kit:

  • scented wax melts (I’ll share a few of my personal favorite scents below!)
  • natural cotton wicks
  • adhesive stickers to secure your wick to your vessel
  • wick holders to keep your wick in place while the candle cures
  • a wax melting pot
  • a wooden spoon for stirring

Seriously the only other things you’ll need is something to pour your candle in, and a way to heat the wax pot! (Tap here to order your candle making kit.)

Why I Love Antique Candle Co’s Products

  • ACC uses soy wax and lead free cotton wicks for a clean burning candle.
  • Their candles have a long burn time – 80 hours for the 16 oz. jars.
  • The scents are amazing and there are so many to choose from! DM me on Instagram if you ever want help choosing a scent. I’ve tried many of them, and I’m happy to personally recommend a scent for you based on what scents you usually like.
  • ACC offers a 100% scent happiness guarantee. Don’t love a scent? Let them know and they’ll replace it with one you do love!
  • They are a small business & they give back to the community. Love that!!

My Favorite Scents from Antique Candle Co.

Earlier I said that waiting for your candle to cure was the hardest part of this DIY. Well choosing a scent just might be the second hardest part. So to help with that, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite tried and true scents from Antique Candle Co.

Top Scents from Antique Candle Co.

Tap the photos / the name of the scents below to shop my favorite scents from Antique Candle Co!

Momma's Kitchen by Antique Candle Co

Momma’s kitchen

(tap to shop)

A year-round favorite in our home – warm and comforting just like the name suggests!

Georgia Peach by Antique Candle Co

Georgia Peach

(tap to shop)

Peachy and slightly sweet, but not overly sweet like baked goods. This one’s a must try!

Coastal Linen by Antique Candle Co

Coastal linen

(tap to shop)

How I imagine line dried linens at the beach would smell. It’s so fresh and just slightly floral!

Country Pear by Antique Candle Co

Country pear

(tap to shop)

My perfect candle – crisp, fresh, clean, sweet – like a fresh cut pear but somehow better!

Clean Cotton by Antique Candle Co

clean cotton

(tap to shop)

I was nervous it would smell like detergent – but it doesn’t at all. It’s a great clean scent!

Pineapple Coconut by Antique Candle Co

pineapple coconut

(tap to shop)

Spoken like a true beach bum – this is hands down one of my top summertime scents.

Once you go Antique Candle Co., you never go back! At least that’s what happened to me… I started out as a curious customer, and ended up loving their candles and the company so much that I became an affiliate for them.

Jasmine Peony by Antique Candle Co styled by White and Woodgrain

As an affiliate, I earn a small commission, at no cost to you, when you purchase through my affiliate links. This is just one of the ways we “keep the lights on” here at White and Woodgrain. But the best part about being an affiliate, is that it allows me to pass along a little extra savings to you when I share their candles here on the blog!

Save 20% off your candle purchase!

Discount Code: WOODGRAIN20

Vanilla Bean by Antique Candle Co styled by White and Woodgrain

So when you make a purchase through my affiliate links, #1 thank you for supporting me and my family! And #2 be sure to use my discount code: WOODGRAIN20 and take advantage of that 20% savings on your candle purchase!

I still can’t get over how pretty my DIY vintage milkglass candle turned out! Making my own DIY candle in a vintage milk glass planter was such a fun project. And it was also such an easy DIY thanks to Antique Candle Co’s candle making kit! I can’t wait to make more candles in some of the vintage glassware I’ve been collecting.

DIY scented soy candle poured in a vintage milkglass planter and styled by White and Woodgrain

I hope today’s post was helpful, and I hope it showed you just how easy it is to pour your own DIY soy candle in a vintage glassware vessel. If you make your own candle after reading today’s post I’d love to see it! Feel free to share your DIY candle with me, send me an email, or tag me on IG. Happy candle-making! Until next time…

Love, Brittany

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