Winter Cocoa & Coffee Bar

Winter time is the perfect time to really enjoy and get the most use out of a hot cocoa and coffee bar, if you ask me! Now I’m not a coffee drinker, but I love a good hot chocolate! I think it’s so comforting and warming to the soul to sip on some cocoa when the temperatures dip. So to up the cozy factor in our farmhouse, I decided to do a little winter refresh in our hot cocoa and coffee bar area!

white and wood farmhouse winter cocoa and coffee bar
white and wood farmhouse winter cocoa and coffee bar

I decorated our coffee bar for Christmas this year, and while I kept it pretty neutral it still felt very “Christmas-y” to me. [Click here] to see our Christmas Coffee Bar in our Holiday Home Tour blog post! So I took away the white Santa mugs, the bottle brush trees, and most of the garlands. Then I added in some wintery greenery onto the shelves, and added in a few clear wintery feeling mugs. And these simple steps instantly made this space look more wintery and less like Christmas!

vintage scale and antique wood dough bowl on wood counters
vintage scale and antique wood dough bowl
bowl of cinnamon sticks on a vintage scale

Now I’m not normally one to go all out for winter. Or any seasonal decor for that matter. I love Christmas, so I typically do a lot of Christmas decorating. But I tend to keep things more simple throughout the rest of the year. (And by simple I mean, I don’t decorate every room like I do for Christmas!) But this year especially, I find myself really enjoying the subtle winter vibes here in this space!

vintage farmhouse cocoa bar set up
vintage winter coffee bar set-up
mason jars for coffee and marshmallow storage
kerr mason jar with coffee beans
ball mason jar full of coffee grounds

My current favorite way to enjoy hot chocolate is by adding a couple andes mints, or even some crushed up candy canes to the mug before brewing the hot chocolate. Then after it brews, I like to top it off with a couple spoonfulls of frozen cool whip. It’s absolutely delicious and even a little refreshing with that touch of mint!

white keurig and farmhouse coffee bar decor
vintage wood stirrups as wall art
neutral farmhouse built-in coffee bar with white cabinets and wood counters


I love sharing our home and my style with you here on the blog! And while I always hope it’s inspiring in some way, and I hope it gives you some new ideas now and then… I want the blog to serve as a helpful resource. So if you’re ever looking for a link or have questions about an item you see in my photos, I want to make sure that answer is ready and waiting for ya here on the blog. So I’m including links and sources for the items I’ve used in our coffee bar below. And I plan to include this info in my future blog posts too! Click the links below for more info on each of these items.

Faux Spruce Garland – Target

White Pom Pom Garland – Target

Etched Glass Mugs – World Market

Galvanized Tray – Hobby Lobby

Ceramic Honeypot – My Sister’s Cottage

Vintage Wood Stirrups – Fleabody’s

Antique Dough Bowl – Baker St.

Beverage Cooler – Amazon

Keurig – Amazon

Thanks for stopping by the blog today friend! I hope you enjoyed seeing our winter cocoa and coffee bar refresh! If you were here in person, I’d offer you a mug and a few marshmallows to go with it. But I’m just so glad I got to share this space with you here on the blog! As always, thanks so much for following along…

Love, Brittany

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