Holiday Home Tour: The Christmas Tree Decor

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Welcome back to the White and Woodgrain Holiday Home Tour! Today, I’m sharing all the Christmas trees that seem to be multiplying by the week here in the farmhouse. Each of these trees has a different look to fit the room or space, and each one has brought a lot of joy to our family this holiday season! Pay close attention because I’ll also be sharing all my tree skirt secrets with you as well… Only one of our tree skirts is actually a tree skirt!

6 unique ways to style a Christmas tree and the secrets to the perfect tree skirt

The Neutral Tree

This Christmas tree is in our master bedroom, and we kept it very neutral, my favorite color palette! The burlap ribbon and white lights set the tone, and I added ornaments with browns, whites, and even silver and gold mercury glass. The gingerbread ornaments are a DIY project we did with the kids a year ago and they still smell absolutely amazing! And the tree skirt? Well, I had bought a couple yards of fabric with the intention of making pillow covers for the holidays. I never got to it in time, so I ended up draping it around the base of this tree as a skirt! I tucked the raw edge underneath, and I feel like you would never know it isn’t a real tree skirt!

brown mercury glass ornament and burlap ribbon
homemade cinnamon ornament in the shape of a reindeer
neutral ornaments and burlap ribbon
amber glass ornament
neutral themed tree with cream colored vintage print tree skirt
neutral themed Christmas tree with cream colored vintage print tree skirt

The One with the Red Nose

My little boy’s favorite color is red so we added mostly red ornaments to this tree that lives in his bedroom. This flocked tree was a steal here, and it’s the perfect size for a bedroom or smaller space! The tree skirt? It’s one of his old baby blankets! So sweet, and just reminds me how little he was!

mini flocked Christmas tree with red ornaments
vintage red truck hallmark ornament
red and white checkered tree skirt around flocked tree
mini flocked Christmas tree with red ornaments and red checkered tree skirt

The Pretty in Pink Tree

Little lady’s favorite color is pink, so we filled this tree with lots of pink ornaments! My mom recently gave me my old ballet slippers, and since they were pink, I thought they’d be a sweet touch to add to this Christmas tree this year! And the tree skirt in this room? Another blanket! My mom actually knitted this for my little girl, and the fringe on the ends makes the most darling tree skirt!

pink ballet slippers displayed as ornaments
dainty pink ornaments on flocked mini tree with pink fringe tree skirt
pretty pink ornaments on flocked mini tree with pink fringe tree skirt
dainty pink ornaments on flocked mini tree with pink fringe tree skirt

The Classic Christmas Tree

We kept it pretty simple and classic for this Christmas tree! It has a simple burlap bow and little pops of red from the garland and the matte red ball ornaments. And, the skirt on this tree is the only actual tree skirt we used this year! I’m linking this beautiful flocked tree here because y’all have to see how much of a steal it is! Would you believe me if I told you it was from Walmart? First of all, I love a flocked tree and this one is beautiful in person! And second of all… you don’t even have to fluff it! It’s made with “memory wire”, so all you do is connect the three sections, pull down the branches, and plug it in. If you are in the market for a new tree… this is the one, I promise you!

flocked Christmas tree with classic red ornaments
red santa ornament
red garland and burlap ribbon for classic themed tree
red ornaments and red beaded garland
beautiful snowy flocked tree with red  plaid tree skirt
beautiful snowy flocked tree with red  plaid tree skirt and red ornaments

The Rustic Glam Tree

This tree was a hand me down, but I would absolutely buy more of them in a heartbeat! It came in a set of three originally, and these are the closest thing to it that I’ve been able to find to it online. I love that the trunk actually looks like a tree trunk, and it’s the perfect size to add to our coffee bar area! I blogged this hot cocoa bar look here. We added white lights and some vintage inspired silver ornaments to it, and then finished it off with a red striped tree skirt. Except, instead of a tree skirt, its actually a tea towel! Can you tell?

mini rustic glam christmas tree atop built-in coffee bar counters
mini rustic glam christmas tree atop built-in coffee bar counters
mini rustic glam christmas tree with vintage inspired silver ornaments and simple red striped tree skirt

The Itty Bitty Burlap Wrapped Trees

Aren’t these adorable? These mini trees are the cutest thing, and I like them without the ornaments, but you could definitely add some if you prefer! They would also look sweet with a strand or two of the fairy lights! We’ve moved these around but currently have them tucked into the half bath and the playroom to add a little touch of Christmas. If you’re lucky, you may be able to find these in your local Target’s dollar spot section in stores.

mini burlap wrapped Christmas tree atop dresser style bathroom vanity

I hope you enjoyed seeing how we styled the Christmas trees here at the farmhouse this year! And I hope sharing my tree skirt secrets helps you with your own Christmas tree decorating! Using things like blankets, extra fabric, and even a tea towel can be a great way to utilize what you have… One last secret, I’ve even used a fabric shower curtain in the past! As long as you have enough material and it goes with your color scheme, you could use anything! As always, thanks for following along…

Love, Brittany
secrets to the perfect tree skirt and how to style them

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  1. Love all these different looks! If I had the room in my house, I’d probably have 10 different trees with 10 very different looks!

  2. Such beautiful trees. Thank you for the visual eye candy and ideas for how to create a theme on my future trees. Although, I think its time I let more than one tree come into the house so I can play with different themes!

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