DIY Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper with Potato Stamps

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If you’ve ever wondered how to make your own DIY vintage Christmas wrapping paper, then this post is for you!! Let’s get crafty for Christmas y’all!! I love white lights, a themed Christmas tree, neutral holiday decor, and yes… Matchy matchy Christmas wrapping paper. Cue Taylor Swift… “It’s me. Hi, I’m the problem, it’s me.” Haha, I joke but for real I love our vintage cottage, farmhouse aesthetic and who says we can’t just carry that on over into our Christmas decor too? I wasn’t originally planning on doing this project, but after coming across this photo on Instagram…

potato stamped wrapping paper by Leslie Long @evermorelong that looks like an old quilt
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I couldn’t get this DIY vintage Christmas wrapping paper idea out of my head. So I spontaneously started a DIY at 8pm and it turned out so good that I decided I had to share it with you here on the blog!

If you’ve been following along, you probably already know I’ve developed a slight obsession with quilts, both the new and the old. [Click Here] and [Here] for past evidence of my obsession with old quilts right here on the blog. To me, nothing says vintage, cottage farmhouse like a faded, well loved quilt. And nothing says vintage Christmas like a hand stamped vintage quilt pattern on brown craft paper gift wrap!

DIY Potato Stamp Wrapping Paper

But wait, potato stamp wrapping paper?! If you’ve never done this before, I promise it was very simple to do! And it’s definitely a project you can do with the kids if you have little ones who like to help and get crafty too. I had never done potato stamping before this project, and it honestly was very easy and such a fun little Christmas DIY! Ok, first let me start off by telling you what I used for this project and how I did it.

Supplies You’ll Need

You really only need a handful of things to create this vintage Christmas wrapping paper. A roll of brown kraft paper, some paint, and a potato. I had all the materials on hand, including a brand new jar of Fusion Mineral Paint in the color Raw Silk. (Which just happens to be one of my favorite whites from the Fusion.)

Fusion Mineral Paint Raw Silk used in DIY wrapping paper project

How to Cut Your Potato Stamps

I started by cutting the potato in half. Then I used a ruler and a pencil to draw a square on the white part of the potato. My squares were about 1.25 inches on each side. I used a sharp knife to carve out the area around the outside of the square to create a square shaped stamp. The skin of the potato serves as your handle, and the white inside part will be your stamp.

cutting potato stamps for DIY vintage Christmas wrapping paper

To create the triangle shape, I made another square shaped potato stamp the exact same size as the first. Then I cut across the square stamp part diagonally, and removed one side leaving the other. This should leave you with a triangle shaped potato stamp.

how to cut potato stamps for DIY vintage Christmas wrapping paper project

Creating Your Own Potato Stamped Gift Wrap

Now comes the fun part! Be sure to dry off your potato stamps on a paper towel first. Then pick your paint color or colors, and have fun creating your own wrapping paper design! I chose to use white paint and brown kraft paper because I love neutrals. But I think red and white would be beautiful too, especially at Christmastime!

making your own Christmas gift wrap with brown craft paper, potato stamps, and fusion mineral paint

Vintage Style Christmas Wrapping Paper

Wait till you see how my DIY vintage style Christmas wrapping paper turned out! I decided to create three different styles of wrapping paper, each inspired by a different old timey quilt pattern. I opted for these three because they all featured very basic shapes and looked easy enough to re-create. Let me show you what they look like up close.

DIY wrapping paper that looks like vintage quilt designs

Irish Chain Quilt Pattern Wrapping Paper

This pattern was the simplest to make, as it only required a square shaped potato stamp. The hardest part was remembering to count the squares as I stamped them onto the paper. Don’t look too closely though! I messed up a couple times and miscounted, but you can hardly even tell. The busyness of the pattern allows my mistakes to blend in pretty well.

DIY wrapping paper that looks like vintage irish chain quilt designs

Variable Star Quilt Pattern Wrapping Paper

This pattern was the most fun to make, and it reminds me of a quilt we usually put out in this guest bedroom at Christmastime. Four squares in a square, with two triangles on each side of bigger square.

DIY wrapping paper that looks like vintage variable star quilt designs

Pinwheel Quilt Pattern Wrapping Paper

The Pinwheel was another fun pattern for this project! Made up of 4 triangle stamped shapes, this pinwheel was pretty simple to stamp out. You simply turn the triangle 1/4 of a circle and repeat until you have 4 triangle shapes evenly spaced around the center point.

DIY wrapping paper that looks like vintage pinwheel quilt designs

Quilt Patterned Vintage Christmas Wrapping Paper

Here they are y’all! The finished wrapping paper designs…

how to make vintage style Christmas wrapping paper designs that look like old-fashioned quilts using potato stamps

I want to know your thoughts! Which of these old fashioned wrapping paper designs is your favorite? I honestly love them all, but the variable star is probably my favorite design of the ones I made. I am so glad I came across that inspo picture at the top of this post! This DIY Christmas wrapping paper fits so perfectly here at the farmhouse!!

DIY wrapping paper that looks like vintage quilt designs

I hope this post inspired you to get a little crafty this Christmas, and if you happen to make your own DIY vintage Christmas wrapping paper using potato stamps I’d love to see how yours turns out. Feel free to share your projects, and tag me on Instagram @whiteandwoodgrain to share! Thanks for stopping by the blog today, and as always, thanks so much for following along…

Love, Brittany

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