Nostalgic Summer Porch Finds

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When I think of summertime, I’m reminded of all the carefree nostaligic memories from my childhood! Backyard cook-outs, day trips to the beach, fresh watermelon and corn from Granny’s garden… and lots of time spent sitting on the porch! There’s just something about summer that makes me reminisce on the good old days of summers past. So today on the blog I’ve rounded up a few of my favorite nostalgic summer porch finds! I wrote today’s post keeping with the theme of “Something Old, Something New” from an earlier post I where I shared my favorite red, white and blue vintage Americana quilt finds. What that means is that all of the finds in this post are either something old, or something new!

Nostalgic Coca Cola Drink Coolers

You can’t talk about summertime on the porch without talking about refreshments, especially in the Carolina’s where the humidity will literally take your breath away! And these Coca Cola coolers are perfect for keeping cold drinks right at hand. For me the thought of a cold Coke in the summertime reminds me of my Granny. I can still here my Granny say “Brittany, you want a cold co-cola?” She never did say the whole thing, and these old coolers make me think of her and that sweet memory!

nostalgic coca cola coolers for a summer porch

Vintage Sweet Tea Glasses

Now if Granny wasn’t offering up a “cold co-cola”, she was offering you a glass of tea. And in the Carolinas, it’s always sweet tea! So I rounded up a few of my favorite textured tea glass finds, perfect for sipping on sweet tea on the porch!

vintage patterned drinking glasses and other nostalgic summer porch finds

Old Fashioned Radios & Speakers

Granny was always coming up with new way to keep the deer out of her garden in the summers. She would tie tin pie plates to the fence around the garden so the sound and the light reflecting off the metal would scare the deer. And she’d sprinkle papa’s hair around the edge of the garden so the scent would deter them. But my favorite thing she tried was playing a radio outside all night! She would leave music playing, thinking the noise would bother them and keep them away. Only it didn’t work! She’d look out at night and see the deer eating in the garden without a care in the world. And she’d say “Well I guess they think I’m throwing them a d@*% party!” She was something y’all! Long story short, I had to round up a few old fashioned radios and bluetooth speakers for my nostalgic summer porch finds!

vintage radios and retro bluetooth speakers for your summertime porch entertaining

Vintage White Metal Porch Gliders

Last but not least, I had to round up some nostalgic porch furniture finds! For some its all about the wooden rocking chairs, and for others its a cozy porch swing. But for me, it’s an old metal glider! I have always dreamed of having our very own vintage style porch glider! And I found some pretty options, all in white of course!! I’d love to get one of these for the farmhouse one day!!

nostalgic white metal gliders for porch seating and furniture

I hope y’all enjoyed reminiscing with me about some of my childhood memories today while we looked at some of my favorite nostalgic summer porch finds! Combining old treasures with new finds was a big hit in the quilt finds post I wrote recently. So I thought it would be fun to carry that theme over to this post too!! And I might just make this a new blog series since y’all seem to be enjoying it too! What do y’all think? Should we make this a recurring blog series here at White & Woodgrain? Let me know what you think about this idea!!

nostalgic summer finds for the porch: metal gliders, coca cola coolers, drinking glasses, and vintage radios

Want to see more of our farmhouse front porch? Head to this post for our summer porch refresh and 6 tips to create a cozy outdoor living area! Thank you for stopping by the blog today! And as always, thank you so much for following along…

Love, Brittany

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  1. I love the items you featured in this blog post Brittany! They definitely remind me of summers from my childhood too! Pinned for later too!!!

  2. This brings back so many vivid memories for me! Those glasses with the raised diamond grid are ones we had as a child. I had completely forgotten about them. And now I want a set! Your story of your grandma and the deer sounds like me right now. I’m basically hosting a deer party out there. Loved this inspo! Keep them coming!

  3. I love these ideas, Brittany! Definitely gives me all of the nostalgic summer feels. My favorite is the old coke coolers. I want to add on to my wish list now! Thank you for the inspiration.

    1. Thanks Jen!! 🙂 I loved those too, and I’m glad you enjoyed it!! My fingers are crossed and I’m hoping I can find a good deal on one one day!

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