What to Expect at a Vintage Market Days Event

Happy belated Mother’s Day to all you mom’s out there! I had a wonderful Mother’s Day weekend, and hope y’all did too! Mine started out with a mini road trip to Raleigh, NC for Vintage Market Days. I absolutely loved everything about it!! I cannot wait to go again, and to be honest I’m already looking at other dates and cities later in the year… (don’t tell my husband haha!) So today on the blog I thought I’d share a few photos from the market, and a little about our shopping trip, as well as share my mini haul with y’all. This post is basically a what to expect at a Vintage Market Days event. It’s for anyone who may be newer to these events like I was and wants to know a little more before venturing out themselves!

what to expect at a vintage market days event

So to start off, I have to show you some of the booths I captured! My photos do not do it justice, not even a little… So let me just say that the booths were amazing. I was so wrapped up in looking, and hunting for treasures that I kept forgetting to snap a picture as we shopped! There were tons of vintage and antique items, as well as some newer items that were made to look old. Whether you’re into farmhouse, country, cottage, boho, french country… you name it, there was something there to fit your style!

roadside stand signs at vintage market days of the NC triangle
layered booth at vintage market days of the NC triangle

Also, the whole event was huge! I mean the VMD of the NC Triangle literally filled the Jim Graham building at the fair grounds. As we walked in the booths just went further and further back, filled with vintage goodies!! Definitely plan to do a lot of walking, and wear shoes that you don’t mind standing in all day, because we were there for hours just trying to see it all!!

what to expect at vintage market days of the NC triangle
chippy corbel at vintage market days of the NC triangle

Pricing wasn’t quite as crazy as I was expecting. And honestly it was pretty comparable to what you’d expect to see in an antique store or boutique. Obviously it varies from one vendor to the next, but I found and purchased a few items at very reasonable prices!

beautifully styled antique booth at vintage market days
white and wood painted cabinet at vintage market days

I wasn’t sure what to expect in terms of the crowds. We arrived around an hour after the event started on the first day of the market. And we walked right in after showing our tickets. But I imagine the line was much longer right at the opening time! Some of the booths were very crowded in the morning, but there was plenty of room in the aisles to get around. And I noticed around 12/1 pm it became much less busy. I assume because people were likely headed out to grab lunch. We talked to a few vendors who said that typically Saturdays are the busiest day of the market, but that Friday seemed especially busy to them based on past events.

vintage market days of the NC triangle
beautiful dresser with glass doors at vintage market days

I could have bought half the items at the market if money grew on trees, lol! But I did pretty good at controlling my impulses and brought home just a few items I loved! A sweet wooden framed sign, and a beautiful wooden riser, a candle that smells like aftershave, a couple wooden shoe forms, and a handful of vintage wooden clothespins came home to the farmhouse with me. Seeing my mini haul all together, I feel pretty good about staying on theme with the woods and whites, lol!

mini haul of wooden items from vintage market days of the NC triangle
carved details on wooden riser and beard scented candle

I also bought a pretty top that I didn’t photograph, but trust me it’s so cute! Honestly, all the beautiful clothing at VMD was an unexpected find. But it was such a pleasant surprise and something I wouldn’t have thought I’d end up purchasing during my trip.

vintage wooden clothespins
antique wooden shoe forms

I’m so excited to scatter these little touches throughout the farmhouse, and I’ll be sure to show you where it all lands soon! I hope this post was helpful and fun to read! And I hope it gave you an idea of what to expect at a Vintage Market Days event near you!! Also, just an FYI, there are still a ton of VMD events coming up this year!! I wrote a blog post recently that includes links and info on how to find an event near you. To read the post click this link. I cannot wait to go back to VMD again! Thank you so much for stopping by the blog today, and as always, thanks for following along…

Love, Brittany
what it's really like at vintage market days

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