Something Old, Something New: Vintage Kitchen Finds

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Inspired by my love for all things vintage and antique, I decided to start a new blog series called “Something Old, Something New”. It’s kind of like a play on the old wedding tradition “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. Which just happens to be one of my favorite wedding traditions! I launched this series as a fun way to share some of my favorite finds with you here on the blog! Each post in this series will feature antique and vintage finds, alongside new antique-inspired finds. If you share my passion for the good old stuff, and you’ve never been to an antique shop you didn’t like… then this series was made for you!

Vintage Kitchen Finds

I love collecting vintage kitchen items, especially ones that have wooden elements! Things like old rolling pins, mashers, hand mixers, wooden handled utensils, etc. It’s really hard for me to walk past these types of finds when I go antiquing. So recently when I saw the new Hearth and Hand launch at Target, I got really excited about all the vintage inspired kitchen items in the spring collection! And it inspired me to write this new post in the “Something Old, Something New” series here on the blog!! Lets take a look at some of the new and old finds together… do you love to collect vintage kitchen items too?

Something Old: Vintage and Antique Finds

All the kitchen items below are vintage and antique finds, and they’re all available online. Shopping online for vintage & antique finds can be fun and easy if you know where to look! The same can be said for offline / in-person vintage and antique shopping too!! Either way, I love sharing all the sources (both online, and in person) for my favorite vintage & antique decor finds with you here on the blog. Ok, lets dive into these vintage kitchenwares! See any that you’d like to add to your collection?

vintage and antique kitchen tools and utensils

To shop these vintage and antique finds, click on any of the photos below.

Something New: Antique-Inspired Finds

Sometimes you want the look of an antique item, but not the price tag. And sometimes the new, antique-inspired finds can be just as beautiful as the original. That’s where these new finds come in! I rounded up a few beautiful, vintage-inspired kitchen items, all from the Hearth and Hand line at Target. Vintage-inspired and Joanna-approved Target finds… say no more!!

vintage inspired kitchen tools and utensils from the hearth and hand line at Target

To shop these antique-inspired finds, click on any of the photos below.

I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and I hope it brought a little inspiration to your scroll today! For more of my favorite antique and antique-inspired finds, be sure to check out all the posts in the “Something Old, Something New” series right here at White and Woodgrain! Thanks for stopping by the blog, and as always, thanks so much for following along…

Love, Brittany

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