15 Simple Tips and Ways to Bring Spring Into Your Home

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Today on the blog I am sharing 15 simple tips and ways that you can bring spring into your home this season! After not one, but two winter weather events here in the Carolinas, this beach girl is craving warmer days of spring and summer. Freshening up some areas of our home is just what the doctor has prescribed to beat these winter blues and bring some life back into this old farmhouse. But the thought of spring cleaning our entire house can be overwhelming, at least to me! So this post won’t be about a new cleaning routine or a long and daunting checklist of tasks that feels impossible to complete. It’s all about easy and approachable ways that you can bring the feelings of spring into your home without all the feelings of overwhelm!

bring spring into the kitchen with fresh flowers

Declutter High Impact Areas

Decluttering is a great way to welcome the spring season into your home! But if you’re like me, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by feeling like you have to declutter your whole house. And that may not be super realistic. So focus on decluttering the high impact areas in your home! Start by thinking of the areas that really take a beating in the winter season. In order to bring spring into your home, you have to start by clearing out all the winter items that you’re no longer needing out.

1) Cleaning Out the Closets

Closets are a great place to start because of all the winter gear that tends to accumulate and pile up in these spaces. And spring is a great time to sort through these items, wash what needs washing, store what needs to be stored, and donate things you no longer use (like coats and jackets the kids have outgrown).

2) Clearing Your Entryway / Mudroom

Cold wet weather means more mud and dirt is being tracked into the house, and lots of coats, gloves, hats, scarves, etc. accumulating in these high touch areas as we come and go. By starting to clear the clutter in these areas first, it can really help make your home feel fresh again for spring. Our entry way seems to get the dirtiest in the winter time, I think because everyone is rushing inside to warm up that we’re less aware of the dirt / mud we may be tracking in.

refresh your home's entry way for spring by clearing the clutter and adding fresh florals

3) Less is More in the Laundry Room

All that winter gear makes for even more laundry during the colder months! And our laundry rooms tend to be the work horses of our homes. Clearing out the clutter in this space gives you a good foundation as you tackle some of the other items further down on the list!

Ease Into Spring Cleaning

I’m in a season of life where deep cleaning the entire house in one sitting, or even in one weekend just feels overwhelming and unrealistic. So instead of stressing over knocking out all my “spring cleaning” tasks in one swoop… I plan to maintain my regular cleaning tasks, like laundry, bathrooms, etc. And then I’ll add on one or two deep cleaning items at a time. You can also split it up and go room by room through your home! I’m prioritizing the spring cleaning tasks that will have the biggest impact on making our home feel really fresh and clean for spring! For me, the first place to start will be our appliances!

4) Deep Clean Your Washing Machine

I do this throughout the year when I feel like our washing machine could use a little freshening up! And all you need is baking soda and vinegar. I pour a little vinegar into the detergent dispenser, and also in the place where you add fabric softener. Then I sprinkle baking soda all around the drum of the washer. After that I run our washer on a normal cycle with hot water. As the water is filling up, I add another cup of vinegar to the water. The vinegar and baking soda will do most of the for you, but you can also pause the washer mid cycle and use a rag and the water in the machine to wipe down the detergent dispenser and the rim inside your washing machine. Once the first cycle is done, I run one more “rinse and spin” cycle, then leave the lid open so that it can fully dry out. Your washer will look and smell brand new!

bring spring into your home by freshening up your washing machine as a part of your home's spring cleaning

5) Deep Clean Your Dishwasher

This one is so simple! And it can really help if your dishwasher is starting to smell a little funky! Pour a cup of vinegar into a glass measuring cup or bowl. Then place the glass / bowl in the top rack of your dishwasher and run as you normally would. After the cycle is done, you can remove the filter to rinse and clean any food that may be trapped inside your dishwasher. (A quick google search will help you find out how to remove the filter on your specific dishwasher.) Then let it completely air dry and it’ll be good as new!

6) Steam Clean Your Carpets

We recently purchased a carpet shampooer, after a very unfortunate incident I might add. (Our not quite potty trained puppy had an accident, and the robot vacuum found it before we did! It was a total nightmare!!) But the silver lining is that now we can shampoo the carpets as needed! We purchased the Hoover Dual Power Max Pet Carpet Cleaner and honestly it has exceeded my expectations! I shared videos of me using the carpet shampooer on my Instagram stories a while back, and you can [click this link] if you’d like to view those stories and see it in action.

Freshen Up The Air In Your Home

7) Open Up Those Windows

Let fresh air fill your home on those first few warmer days of spring before the pollen starts to fall. There’s nothing like a fresh breeze blowing in the windows to make your home feel more like spring!

8) Light a Fresh Spring Scented Candle

This is probably one of the easiest ways to bring a little spring into your home. And my current favorite small shop candlemaker actually just sent me a few new scents to try out! Lindsay of Stroud Simply Southern makes and sells hand poured, soy candles and they come in the most beautiful vessels!! I have shared this shop with you before, and I will keep sharing them because they are just so good!

white dough bowl soy candle

My favorite scent is Volcano, which to me smells like fresh citrus! But I also loved the vanilla sandalwood and the amber driftwood scents I tried out this month!! To shop these and more of Lindsay’s candles, [click this link].

vintage blue ball mason jar soy candle
dough bowl candle and ivy houseplant

Bring The Feeling of Spring Into Your Kitchen With Lemons

9) Make a Spring Simmer Pot

I have been making simmer pots here at the farmhouse when I want to freshen up the air and use up pantry items before they go bad. Here’s one of my favorite “recipes” if you will…

  • 2/3 lemons cut into wedges
  • a few sprigs of fresh rosemary
  • a big spoonful of vanilla extract

I add the above ingredients into a medium size pot then fill with water. After bringing it up to a boil, you can let it simmer all day, adding more water as needed. It will have your entire house smelling lemony fresh and clean for spring!

10) Refresh Yourself with Some Homemade Lemonade!

I used roughly 8/9 lemons and a cup of sugar to make this refreshing beverage for our family recently. My kids love lemonade, and you get the added benefit of that extra vitamin c!! Such a perfect pick-me-up for spring!

fresh squeezed lemonade garnished with a lemon slice for a refreshing springtime beverage

11) Display a Bowl of Lemons on the Counter

Gather up a few lemons and a pretty bowl to display on your counter for a bright pop of spring color! Also according to feng shui, a group of 9 lemons in the kitchen has been said to cleanse and uplift by neutralizing negative energy. (You can read more about that here.) I myself don’t practice feng shui but I thought that was so interesting! Either way, it sure gives our kitchen all the springtime feels!!

Bring Life Into Your Home With Spring Florals and Greenery

12) Display Fresh Flowers

Nothing says spring is here like fresh flowers! Lately I have been picking up a bundle or two of fresh flowers from the floral section at our grocery store. And it has been such a mood booster on these short winter days!! It definitely makes our home feel more like spring, and reminds me that warmer brighter days are coming! (Also, in case you missed it… this secretary desk is one of my most recent furniture makeover projects, and I blogged all the details here including the paint color, where I bought it, etc. Click [this link] to see that post.)

bring spring into your home with pretty pink roses and vintage milk glass vases

13) Bring in Greenery with Potted House Plants

Similar to the florals, house plants can bring a lot of life into your home! I love using real plants like trailing ivy, but I do mix in faux plants and faux greenery as well.

trailing ivy atop coffee table books on vintage drum table
bring spring into your home with new candles and greenery like this ivy house plant

Refresh Your Linens & Textiles

14) Wash Your Household Linens

And no I’m not talking about your sheets! I’m talking about the linens and textiles that we don’t typically think about washing on a regular basis. If you have slipcovered furniture, you may already be in the habit of washing that. But think about other removable fabrics in your home. Throw pillow covers, curtains, bath mats and shower curtains, dog beds… I could go on, but I think you get the point. These items can collect dirt and hold onto odors from cooking and from your pets. Giving them a good wash can really help freshen things up for spring!

15) Swap Out Those Flannel Sheets

Strip your beds and opt for lighter weight sheets and bedding. Or even splurge on a new set of sheets if you’re feeling it! There’s just nothing more relaxing that crawling into a freshly laundered sheets at the end of the day. I like to incorporate neutral florals into our bedding for the spring and summer. These were from Pottery Barn a couple years ago, but I have linked a few below that are very similar to the ones we have. And the striped pillow cover was actually a DIY sewing project! You can [click this link] to see more photos and to read the full tutorial!

fresh white and floral bedding to brighten up your bedroom for spring

And there ya have it, 15 simple and totally doable ways to bring the feeling of spring into your home! I hope these ideas inspire you to welcome this new season into your home the easy way. Without the stress and the overwhelm that often comes from those daunting spring cleaning checklists.

If you’re ready to jump into Spring Cleaning, be sure to check out this post next. I shared all my best tips and strategies to clean your home, top to bottom, in under 3 hours.

I’ll definitely be doing some spring cleaning here at the farmhouse, but I won’t be adding that pressure to myself to get it all done just because it’s spring! I want to really enjoy and appreciate this new season and soak it all in. Thanks for stopping by the blog, and as always, thank you so much for following along…

Love, Brittany

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