Our Cozy Fall Porch Decor

There’s nothing quite like relaxing on the screened in porch, especially when it starts to cool off and feel more like fall outside! This week I decided to spend a little time cleaning and rearranging our porch. I put together a little lounge area all done up with some cozy fall porch decor, and it brought me so much joy!! I’m really excited to share it with you here on the blog today…

neutral farmhouse style cozy fall porch decor
white faux pumpkins and copper mugs for fall
diy scroll sign for October and fall porch decor

It’s been pretty hot here in eastern NC lately! And I’ve been dreaming about the chilly days to come, hopefully sooner rather than later!! I can just see myself curled up under that warm blanket and lounging while the kids play on the rug… For now, I’ll enjoy the 70 degree weather in the mornings! It was 85 degrees by the time I got took photos and I was sweating! The cozy glow of the candle in these photos is from my citronella candle y’all!! Ya know, because the mosquitos are in full force. It still feels so much like summer here!

neutral farmhouse style cozy fall porch decor for screened in porch
outdoor living area decorated for fall
pumpkins, citronella candle and copper mugs

So today I’m thankful for the little fall feelings that the pumpkins and my diy scroll sign bring to this space! For the full DIY on how I made this farmhouse scroll sign, click [here]! I made this sign last year and it held up really well, so I’m glad I was able to use it again this year!! The pumpkins were also a recent DIY project, and you can read about them by clicking [here].

screened in porch and neutral cozy fall porch decor
fall decor on screened in porch
outdoor living area and neutral farmhouse style cozy fall porch decor

How’s the weather your way? Is it starting to feel like fall yet? It may be hot here, but when I look at these photos of our cozy fall porch decor, it gets me so excited for fall weather! It truly fills my cup to style different areas of our home for our family to enjoy! And I hope it brings you inspiration every time you visit the blog!! Thanks for stopping by the blog, and as always, thanks so much for following along…

Love, Brittany

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