DIY Farmhouse Scroll Sign

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When I learned how to make this DIY farmhouse scroll sign, I knew I had to share the steps here on the blog for y’all! I’ve been eyeing these babies for a while now, but they can be a bit pricey. If you’ve seen some of these gorgeous signs you know what I’m talking about… the brown craft paper type, with the beautiful script letters and seasonal quotes! They’re so pretty to me! Not only do my DIY versions look like the ones you’ve seen on Pinterest and the Gram… but they are super affordable! And you don’t have to have great handwriting to get it right!


My first attempt was this fall scroll that reads “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers”. Today, I’ll be sharing the steps I took to create a DIY Christmas scroll sign that will read “Merry & Bright”.

Step 1:

I created a design for my scroll sign in Canva, which is a free online design tool that allows you to create beautiful graphics. It’s pretty simple to learn, and I use it all the time for blog stuff! Once you have a design you like, you can download the file.

merry and bright text for DIY farmhouse scroll sign

Step 2:

Next I created a poster size file of my design using this website. I know, its a strange name, but its a great tool! This site allows you to upload your design that you created in Canva, and enlarge it to the size you want it to be on your scroll. Be sure to leave the margins and the crop marks as they make it easier to piece your poster together. Once you’ve finished selecting your options, you can download the poster image and print it on regular size printer paper.

poster image printed on letter paper

Step 3:

Depending on the size scroll you want, you’ll have several pieces of printer paper you’ll need to tape together. Try to line up the images carefully and using the crop marks. I also trim away the excess paper where the letters meet on two different pages. That way you can see the letters instead of the margin overlapping when you tape the papers together. It’s hard to explain here, but hopefully the pictures help you see what I’m talking about!

crop marks for poster size image
trimming away excess paper in margins to piece together poster
taping papers together to create poster size image

Continue trimming the excess margin where needed and taping the papers together until you’re poster is assembled.

merry and bright text printed on computer paper for DIY farmhouse scroll project

Step 4:

Now, flip the poster over and use a pencil to color the back of the letters. Make sure to get the edges of the letters. The pencil lead needs to be pretty dark for the next step to work right.

creating a diy farmhouse scroll sign
pencil lead on the back of printed quote

Step 5:

Flip your poster back over, and position it onto your craft paper. Be sure to leave enough of the craft paper at the top and bottom of the sign to roll the paper and create the “scroll”. You can attach the poster with some tape, but I would make it less sticky by taping it to your shirt and pulling it off a couple times so that you don’t rip your scroll.

diy Christmas scroll sign that reads merry and bright

Step 6:

Now that the poster is secure, you’ll want to bear down on the outline of the letters with a pen. The pencil lead on the back of the poster will transfer to the craft paper and create a guide for the next steps.

close up tracing letters for DIY scroll sign
making your own scroll sign
outline in pencil on DIY farmhouse scroll sign

Step 7:

Outline the letters with a sharpie. I used an ultra fine point sharpie for this step, but you could probably stick to fine if your hand is steady enough.

ultrafine sharpie on craft paper
ultrafine sharpie outline on scroll sign
ultrafine sharpie outline on scroll sign

Step 8:

Fill in the outline with a regular sharpie. Be sure to put another paper underneath your scroll so you don’t mark up your countertops / table for this step!

filling in the words with sharpie
merry and bright on brown craft paper sign
merry and bright Christmas scroll sign

Step 9:

Thread the top scrolled end of the sign with some twine. That’s all there is to it!

merry and bright Christmas themed DIY farmhouse scroll sign

I love how this DIY farmhouse scroll sign turned out! I’ll be sharing how I styled it on the next Holiday Home Tour post so stay tuned for that! You can view the other posts in this series here. As always, thanks for following along…

Love, Brittany
DIY farmhouse scroll sign

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    1. Well thank you! I’ve been wanting one but didn’t want to spend a ton of money! If you like it, you should try making one… it was very easy! 🙂

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