Dropcloth Linen Sofa Cover vs. Couch Cushion Replacement Covers

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When I was in college, I thrifted these old This End Up couches and they are the most durable pieces of furniture I’ve ever owned. We painted them white years ago, and have now recovered the cushions a total of 4 times as my taste has changed through the years. And today on the blog I thought I’d share the most recent two slipcover solutions we have come up with. I want to share my thoughts, photos, and all the pros and cons of our makeshift linen sofa cover vs. our new couch cushion replacement covers and why we’re changing it up again. So if you’ve been shopping around for affordable slipcovers or couch cushion replacement covers, then this post is for you!

Our Dropcloth Linen Sofa Cover

First, lets talk about our dropcloth linen sofa covers! For the past 3 years, we’ve actually used a $10 painter’s drop cloth tucked around the cushions as a makeshift slipcover. I had originally planned to sew my own DIY slipcovers but never got around to that project. Here’s a little peek at the blue cushions underneath…

slipcover options for this end up couch cushions

And here’s what our couch looks like with the dropcloth linen sofa cover all tucked in…

white cottage farmhouse living room
dropcloth linen sofa cover as a makeshift slipcover

Dropcloth Linen Sofa Cover Pros & Cons

These dropcloth linen colored sofa covers have served us well over the past few years! In my opinion, dropcloths are the perfect neutral, linen color. But they’re also super affordable which is a huge plus! We washed our dropcloths often over the past couple years and they have held up pretty well with minimal wear and tear. But even if you needed to replace them, for only $10 it doesn’t break the bank. The price and the color are the huge pros for me with the dropcloth linen sofa cover! And in my humble opinion, this makes them a great makeshift slipcover option, especially if you have kids or pets.

dropcloth linen sofa cover as a makeshift slipcover

By the way, the photo above and the photo below were both photos I took for our home’s feature in Landleben Magazine! [Click here] to read the post I wrote about our first magazine feature, and to see what other spaces in our home were included in the spread.

farmhouse living room with white walls, wood floors, painted furniture

After living with these makeshift slipcovers for the past couple years though, there is one major con that has really been bugging me lately. And it’s the fact that they just don’t stay in place for very long. The photos above show the couch with the dropcloth all nice and neatly tucked in. But after a few days of lounging, here’s what mine end up looking like.

dropcloth as a linen sofa cover

The couches always end up looking like an unmade bed by day 4. It drives me nuts, and I am not an everyday bed maker y’all!! But to me this disheveled couch makes our whole living room look disheveled. Every time I re-tuck the covers, I instantly feel more at peace and more content with this space, only to be frustrated again in 4 days. And that feeling is how I knew it was time to try something different!

Our New Couch Cushion Replacement Covers

I held off on replacing our couch cushion covers because the dropcloths were just so affordable. It made it hard for me to justify the investment! So when I found these new linen colored couch cushion replacement covers on Amazon, I was very excited to try them out. We’ve been living with them for a little while now, and I’m excited to share all the details with you so let’s dive into it!! Here’s what the new couch cushion replacement covers look like…

linen color couch cushion replacement covers from Amazon

These couch cushion replacement covers come in 5 different color options, and I’ll link them all here. I chose the taupe ones for our couches, and I’m very happy with it! It’s a beautiful linen color. And it’s very similar to the color of the dropcloths in person, maybe just a tad darker.

Couch Cushion Replacement Cover Pros & Cons

Let’s start with the pros first. Appearance wise, I am very happy with how the new couch cushion replacement covers look! The color goes perfect with all the whites and neutral tones in our living room, but I also really appreciate the look and the feel of the material. A lot of the replacement covers I had found online were a different texture and material that I don’t love. Most of them were made out of a soft microfiber looking fabric with all the little tiny, stretchy squares. It’s very hard to describe, so I’ll just link it here if you’re curious to see it for yourself. The ones I chose look and feel more like an actual linen fabric in my humble opinion.

linen color couch cushion replacement covers from Amazon
linen color couch cushion replacement covers from Amazon

It’s hard to beat $10, but these couch cushion replacement covers were also pretty affordable in terms of slipcovers. If you haver every priced slipcovers for your furniture, then you already know it can get pretty expensive! I was able to cover 10 cushions for well under $200. If I had tried to sew my own covers, I could have easily spent that in just the fabric alone! Not to mention the time it would have taken me to actually sew them.

white and wood farmhouse living room
linen couch cushion replacement covers from Amazon

The best part about these new couch cushion replacement covers is that they actually stay in place! Hallelujah!! This was very important to me because I was so over having to re-tuck the dropcloths all the time in order for our living room to look presentable. And I am very impressed with how well these replacement covers have stayed in place on the couches. The elastic on the edges of the covers really holds them tight to the cushions, and the velcro straps on the underside give it that extra security to keep the cushion covers from shifting. Honestly, I give these a 10 out of 10 on their “stay-in-place-ability”!

linen couch cushion replacement covers from Amazon

I really had to work to come up with a con for these couch cushion replacement covers. It would be nice if they came in a different size option for the smaller cushions on the back of the couches. I was able to kind of double tuck my cushions inside the covers, and they have stayed in place very nicely. But having a slightly smaller size replacement cover could eliminate the need to double tuck my smaller cushions. I also wish there were more color options to choose from, like maybe a white option!

details of wood coffee table, open book, and white pumpkin
white and wood farmhouse living room

Final Thoughts

The dropcloths served us well, and are a great temporary slipcover option! But I REALLY love our new couch cushion replacement covers, and I’m so glad I finally made the change! They look good, they’re comfortable, and honestly they’re pretty affordable when it comes to slipcovers. Also, their “stay-in-place-ability” made them well worth the investment in my opinion!

linen couch cushion replacement covers from Amazon

Sometimes I find myself ignoring the little things that bother me about a space. I find myself putting off the solution for another day because of time, budget, motivation, energy, etc. And no I’m not talking about the big home renovation projects here… I’m talking about the smaller things like changing out a slipcover, giving an old piece of furniture a fresh coat of paint, or even something as simple as finally clearing your entryway by taking that stack of boxes to the Good Will.

white and wood farmhouse cottage fall living room decor

These new couch cushion replacement covers have changed the look, the feel, and the functionality of this space for me. But it goes so much deeper than that. They’ve also changed how I feel when I’m in this space! I no longer feel frustrated by these couches. Instead they’re now back to serving our family as a comfy spot to rest and take in a conversation, without the added chore of re-tucking the covers afterwards! So if you ask me, a slipcover is not just a slipcover!! It’s a simple fix, and a small change that can have a big impact on your home, and ultimately on your happiness with your space and in your space.

So if you’ve been shopping around for an affordable slipcover option, I hope this post was a helpful resource! Either way, I hope it gave you a little inspiration today!! Thanks for stopping by the blog today, and as always, thanks so much for following along…

Love, Brittany

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  1. Painters drop cloth is our go to couch cover. Our sofa is leather, our dog is 90+ lbs. His favorite spot? Yep. Our cushions aren’t removable so we put up with the “messy look” as this is the best option for us. Big plus: throw it in the wash and it gets softer every time. Your new covers look awesome! Thank you for sharing this.

    1. Thank you so much! It’s really hard to beat the drop cloths!! And I know what you mean about them getting softer each wash. So true! Thanks for stopping by the blog!

  2. I love your couch! My dog chewed and ripped the arm off of my upholstered loveseat. So I love the bare wood surround. Going to look for your couch style in a loveseat. I have used drop clothes too. The were canvas, cotton. Now I find they sure look different, and don’t tell the fabric content. Really enjoying the article in Country Sampler Farmhouse Style of your home.

    1. Thank you so much Phyllis! These couches have been great with two active kiddos because they’re so heavy and durable! They’re This End Up brand, and a lot of times you can find them at thrift shops and even facebook marketplace. 🙂

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