My Autumn Bucket List for 2022

Fall is officially here in the Carolinas, and this girl is ready! Bring on the pumpkins and the cooler weather!! Here in NC, it’ll still feel like summer outside for a few more weeks. So we really have to put some effort into making it feel like fall here by celebrating the season and really enjoying all the fall activities! Even if that means going to the pumpkin patch in your shorts and flip flips!! So today on the blog I thought it would be fun to share my autumn bucket list for 2022 with you… along with some thoughts about how to make the perfect autumn bucket list for your family! This is a good one y’all so keep reading to the end…

neutral fall decor in white cottage living room
neutral fall decor in white cottage living room
neutral fall decor in white cottage living room

After a very full and very busy summer, I am looking forward to a much slower paced fall season. I am being very conscientious about not overscheduling myself and our family, and leaving time for fun and rest. I’ve been adding little touches of fall decor to our home because it fills my cup and allows me to get creative, and it also brings a lot of joy to our whole family! I am being very intentional about how we plan our days in this new season. And for me that means prioritizing the all fun and festive autumn activities that fill my cup and my children’s cups… and saying no to all the “you should do’s” when it doesn’t fit our schedule, or our family’s preferences, etc.

creating a simple fall pumpkin display
white pumpkin centerpiece for simple fall dining room decor

It’s very easy for me to feel this pressure to do “all the things” in each season. You know the quote about how “you only get 18 summers”? That quote is supposed to make us appreciate the time we have with our children, but instead it can leave us feeling this urgency and this pressure to do it all and right away. So we make these long bucket lists of every possible fall activity. And then our bucket lists end up feeling more like our to do lists, rather than something fun to look forward to. Or maybe that’s just me?

Either way, feeling overwhelmed and feeling the pressure to do it all is not the vibe I want for this fall! So this season I created my own intentional autumn bucket list for 2022! And it’s not like all the other fall and autumn bucket lists you’ll find on Pinterest this time of year…

creating your perfect fall & autumn bucket list

An Intentional Autumn Bucket List

I created an intentional autumn bucket list to suit our family in this season. It’s not all inclusive, but it’s perfect for us! It’s festive, and there are lots of fall activities on the list, but we are taking the pressure off of our family this season by being more selective with what we say “yes” and “no” to. And I hope reading this give you the nudge or even permission to do the same, in this season and all year round! Not that you need my permission by any means! Will we cross every fall activity off the list? Probably not and that’s ok. This autumn bucket list is more about the magic and the anticipation of autumn, and less about doing ALL the things for the sake of crossing them off a list.

  • Take a Trip to an Antique Festival or a Flea Market
  • Paint & DIY Outside on a Crisp Fall Day
  • Visit a Local Pumpkin Patch
  • Go on a Hayride
  • Carve Our Own Jack-o-lantern
  • Burn Fall Candles
  • Enjoy a Fall Scented Simmer Pot
  • Drink Apple Cider with All the Fixings
  • Bake a Fall Dessert with Our Persimmons
  • Go Trick-or-Treating with Friends
  • Watch a Scary Movie Like a Kid Again
  • Watch the Sunset While the Days Are Still Long
  • Look for the Colors of Autumn in the Leaves
your perfect fall & autumn bucket list for families

What’s on your autumn bucket list this year? What fall activities are you taking off of your family’s bucket list? Let me know in the comments, and save this post to Pinterest so you can come back and revisit it later! I hope you enjoyed getting to see what things made the cut on my autumn bucket list activities, and I hope it got you excited for this new season!! I also hope it relieved some of the pressure you may be feeling to “do it all” this fall! Looking for more fall inspo? I got you! Click this next link for more fall inspo and ideas from yours truly right here on the blog! Thanks for stopping by the blog today, and as always, thank you so much for following along…

Love, Brittany
the perfect fall & autumn bucket list for busy families

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  1. I love this, intentional not stressful! It’s the little things that get me too, such as the scents you included and how intentionally you are adding them as well because they are important! We so often overlook the little things!!

    1. Yes, I totally agree and I love bringing the scents of each season into our home! I am all about the intentional fall touches this year. And the fall scents really make it feel like fall!!

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