8 Unique Ways to Incorporate Reclaimed Wood

reclaimed wood

One of my favorite things about the farmhouse is all the reclaimed wood accents! So today I thought I’d share 8 unique ways to incorporate reclaimed wood into your home. All the darker colored wood you see in the images below was salvaged from the original farmhouse! None of the wood has a stain, just some sealer to protect the wood. I hope this list inspires you!!

1. Inset Reclaimed Wood Flooring

reclaimed wood inset flooring

These original floor boards are such a sweet and sentimental reminder of all those who lived here before me. Every time I come through the front door, I get to walk where they walked and it means the world to me!

entry way inset wood flooring surrounded by white pine floors

2. Shiplap Accent Wall

shiplap feature wall in farmhouse living area

My favorite wall in the old house! These boards were pulled mostly from the upstairs rooms. The photo below is of my great aunt, and the writing on the wall above her reads “Odell July 11, 1932”. Her father’s handwriting, and my great grandfather’s… If these walls could talk!

daughter placing hand on father's name on shiplap feature wall

3. Clawfoot Tub Surround

dark wood tub surround of clawfoot tub

We installed this wood surround for our clawfoot tub using salvaged flooring from the old house! It really warms up the space, and it also serves to protect the drywall around the tub, almost like a backsplash in a kitchen.

4. Coffee Bar Countertops

salvaged wood coffee bar counters

Our builder constructed this countertop for our coffee bar using reclaimed tongue and groove wood from the old house. It looks great, and also was a budget friendly option if you like the butcher block look!

salvaged wood countertops

5. Reclaimed Mantlepiece

salvaged fireplace, mantle, and shiplap feature

The fireplace surround is original to this exact spot. We stripped it because it had been painted at some point. The mantlepiece was cut from a support beam from the original foundation, and the shiplap on the wall came from another room of the old house.

6. Custom Bathroom Vanity

custom farmhouse vanity made from reclaimed wood

This vanity was custom built by a local craftsman, J’s Farmhouse! It was a Pinterest idea that came out even better than I imagined! The front apron was originally shiplap, the posts and the “x” on the sides were cut down from one of the support beams, and the shelf on the bottom was flooring.

custom farmhouse vanity made from salvaged wood

7. Pantry Shelves

wood flooring turned into farmhouse style pantry shelves

These old floor boards made the perfect farmhouse pantry shelves! We installed them with the underside of the floor boards facing up to highlight the character and history of the wood. The boards were originally installed directly on the support beams of our farmhouse because there was no subflooring. So each board is notched where it rested on the beams. Sure, my groceries may lean a little… but I couldn’t hide the beauty of these babies!

old wood flooring turned into farmhouse style pantry shelves

8. Linen Closet Shelves

old wood flooring turned into farmhouse style linen closet shelves

We also used some of the original floor boards in our linen closet shelving! I am so happy with how these turned out! They are super sturdy and durable, but they also look great. Plus, having a pretty linen closet makes me want to keep it more organized!

wood flooring turned into farmhouse style linen closet shelves

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the ways we incorporated reclaimed wood throughout our farmhouse. How have you used reclaimed wood in your own homes? What reclaimed wood projects are on your to do lists? Thanks for following along…

Love, Brittany

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