The Key to Finding Authentic Farmhouse Decor

assorted amber glass bottles with cotton stems for authentic farmhouse decor

Finding yourself a honeyhole or two is the key to finding authentic farmhouse decor elements to incorporate in your home! Don’t get me wrong, you can find some great stuff at Target and Home Goods, and lots of bigger stores! I will always love shopping at these places, but nothing could replace wandering around little local shops full of swoon-worthy vintage pieces and antique goodies.

vintage green glass coca cola bottle
vintage green glass coca cola bottle with Wilmington, NC printed on the bottom

Mike of the History Channel’s show American Pickers compares finding a honeyhole to heaven.

“It’s like a place that we dream about.” – Mike Wolfe

I so relate to Mike! Typically, I’d use the term honeyhole to talk about a favorite antique store, but sometimes a honey hole can even be a little closer to home… think along the lines of your granny’s attic, your uncle’s barn, or in my case, the back yard!

vintage atlas mason jar
vintage good housekeeper's coffee jar

When clearing out some brush and overgrowth last winter, we actually uncovered our own little honeyhole of sorts. Believe it or not, all the glass bottles you see here were found half buried in our backyard! Before public trash dumps were a thing, people just sort of tossed or buried their trash on their properties. Y’all my little picker self was so excited to uncover this trash! One woman’s trash really is another woman’s treasure. 

vintage brown glass clorox bottle from the 1940's
vintage brown glass clorox bottle from the 1940's and other assorted brown glass bottles

The Clorox bottles are some of my favorites!! Based on the markings and the design of the bottle, the Clorox bottle in the two pictures above dates back to the 1940’s! It would have most likely belonged to my great grandmother.

vintage brown glass lysol bottle

Some of these were very tough to clean, but so worth it! Pro tip for cleaning the insides of any glass bottles you acquire… I came across the advice to add aquarium rocks inside the bottles, with a splash of water and dish soap, and then swirl it all around inside the jar. It worked great! It actually helped knock off the dirt and grime in the areas I couldn’t reach with a bottle brush.

I hope this post inspires you to go out and discover a new honeyhole in your area, whether it be an antique store, flea market, or even an old dumping grounds! A good honeyhole truly is the key to finding that authentic farmhouse decor we all love so much!! Thanks for following along…

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  1. It was a lot of fun finding those treasures with you. Hard to believe they were still in great condition. As a kid I played all over those hills and never found any of those, I guess that was Granny’s way of sending some love your way.

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