DIY Chippy White Candle Holders

DIY chippy white candle holders

Raise your hand if chippy white paint is one of your favorite colors! *Inserts raising hand emoji.* I picked up these pretty, antique railings knowing they would make the perfect DIY chippy white candle holders. In the grand scheme of DIY projects, this one was fairly easy and not at all time consuming. 

Chippy white porch railings

Just look at all the chippy crackles!

Chippy white porch railings

My mama is the Chip to my Joanna, for those of y’all who don’t know… when I come up with an idea, she makes it happen, and she knows her way around the power tools. She helped me cut the railings at varying heights with her table saw.

cutting porch railings on a table saw
cutting porch railings on a table saw
trimmed ends of chippy porch railings

After we cut the railings, I took some fine grit sandpaper to the edges where the saw splintered up the wood.

unsealed chippy paint candle holders
unsealed chippy white candle holders
unsealed chippy white candle holders
unsealed wood candle holders

To keep the paint from chipping off anymore. I finished the candlesticks with Fusion Mineral’s Tough Coat and let them dry.

fusion mineral tough coat
sealing wood candle holders with fusion mineral tough coat

The Tough Coat has way less of an odor than polyurethane, so I was able to do this in the kitchen while the kids played nearby. It doesn’t yellow either, but it did seem to enhance the color of the wood. Super simple and easy!

sealed chippy white wooden candle holders

I can see these scattered on a Thanksgiving table, or grouped around the fireplace at Christmas time. Honestly I love how they turned out so much, I’m wishing I had bought a few more! A girl can never have too many candles…

diy chippy white candle holders
chippy white farmhouse candle holders

For such a simple project, I am so happy with how these DIY chippy white candle holders turned out! I can’t wait to burn some candles on them! Thanks for following along…

Love, Brittany

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