Clean House Hacks: My Secrets to a Visitor Ready Home

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Before we know it, spring will be here so I thought this would be a fitting time to share some of my clean house hacks with y’all on the blog! Full disclosure, this lovely house I call home is not always as clean as I would like it to be. And it’s not always visitor ready! It just isn’t, and I’m ok with that I’m embracing that because it’s just the phase I’m in right now. Life gets busy, the kids make messes, and sometimes I decide to binge watch Netflix and put off the cleaning till tomorrow…again. But I have come up with a few clean house hacks that go a long way to keeping the farmhouse presentable and visitor ready!! And I thought today would be the perfect time to share them here on the blog… hopefully some of these will work for you in your own home!

clean house hacks and a free printable cleaning list
sharing all my clean house hacks in a spotless kitchen

Hack # 1: Declutter your home.

This is an ongoing task here at the farmhouse, and it’s a really important one! Especially with kids. Less stuff = less time spent tidying and picking up, and less time looking for and putting things away. It means everything you own has a home because there’s actually space for everything you own. For more on our decluttering progress here at the farmhouse click this post. And also be sure to check out this post I wrote featuring my favorite people to follow for decluttering inspo!

cleaning the kitchen counters
spring cleaning the kitchen

Hack # 2: Don’t wait till spring.

The second hack is that I don’t wait until spring to do a deep cleaning at our house. I actually do one in the fall as well. Most people do a big “spring clean”, but fall is actually an equally great time to deep clean your home because it’s right before all those holiday gatherings during what is the busiest part of the year for many families. And honestly, I may not even get to every checklist item in the spring, so I give myself another shot at it in the fall instead of waiting a whole year longer. You could even split your tasks between spring & fall, and then it’s less work on you all at once.

brittany washing laundry in farmhouse laundry room
laundry day

Hack # 3: Create a routine that works for you.

My third hack to keeping the farmhouse mostly clean and running smoothly is my cleaning routine. I am a list person y’all! And having a list of my daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal chores helps me keep on track and prioritize things so nothing is missed. Mom brain is real over here and if it isn’t written down, it probably ain’t gonna happen, at least not as often as it should! Also I really just enjoy crossing things off of my list as I complete tasks. For anyone who is interested, I’m giving away my free printable cleaning list at the end of this post! Keep scrolling to the bottom of this post, and you’ll see a sign-up form where you can enter your email address to receive the printable…

crossing items off cleaning list

In addition to my regular chores, I also keep track of some home maintenance tasks and included those on my cleaning list. For me this would include things like changing our return air filters and maintaining our water softener. We have well water, and very rusty well water at that. Our water softener goes through a few bags of salt every month to keep the machine running properly and to keep our water rust free. So I added these types of tasks to my monthly chores on my cleaning list.

crossing items off spring cleaning list

Hack # 4: Find things that simplify life and make things easier in your home!

My last “hack” and one thing that I’ve been embracing lately is to find things that will simplify your cleaning and maintenance tasks. Think about your cleaning tools / supplies and how they are serving you. This hack will look differently for everyone, and it’s just about finding products that work for your home and for your family. I recently bought a Swiffer spray mop thinking it would make mopping more convenient, but I hated it! It never did that great of a job on our floors, and we have no carpet! So when we mop, it’s the entire house. I love our old school mop, and I’m sticking with it because it works for us.

I’ve linked a few cleaning tools and supplies that we use and love here at the farmhouse. These products are ones that we actually use, or a very similar item, and they’re things that have simplified our cleaning and home maintenance tasks. To shop any of these items, simply scroll and click on any of the photos below…

If you’d like a copy of my free printable cleaning list, enter your email address in the form below and I’ll send you a copy ASAP! It’s been a useful tool here around the farmhouse, and it’s also pretty to look at.

I hope these clean house hacks are helpful and inspiring as we approach spring and all the cleaning this season brings! And I hope it gave you a couple ideas of how you can simplify your own cleaning routine as well! Thanks for visiting the blog today! And as always, thanks for following along…

Love, Brittany

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