2021: a Year of Memories, Milestones, and Inspiration

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As the clock ticks the time away this New Years Eve… I am spending some time in my thoughts, writing this post and reflecting on some of the memories, milestones, and inspiration this year has brought! This past year has been a whirlwind of a year friends. And whether you’ve been here with me the whole year through… or whether you joined in somewhere along the way, it has meant the world to me to have you as a friend! Let’s take a look back at some of the things that happened in 2021… the amazing memories, the celebratory milestones, and the inspiration that kept me going!!

Four Fun Memories This Year…

I made so many new memories this year! And of my favorite memories is from when I went to my first Vintage Market Days event in Raleigh with my sister in law! We had the best time, and I will definitely be going back. [Click here] to see photos of some of the booths and to see some of my finds from the trip!!

memories, milestones and inspiration from my trip to Vintage Market Days

I launched a new series here on the blog called “Old House Love Letters”. It’s where I share some of the more sentimental things about our farm and this little farmhouse we call home! Think old stories and memories, all in the form of letters… to my Granny, to my children, and to the little girl I used to be. [Click here] to get caught up on the first few posts in the series. I can’t wait to write more love letters in 2022!

reflecting on the "Old House Love Letter" series I launched this year at whiteandwoodgrain.com

We adopted our little fur baby, Ford! He has made himself right at home, and was a welcome addition to our family and the farm!

brand new puppy in and antique laundry basket

We tackled one of our biggest DIY projects to date! We built a fireplace in our living room! This project is technically still in progress, as we’re still waiting to get the electric insert installed. Ater that, I’ll have to add a trim piece to the bottom, paint the mantel, and then paint the shelves on either side. [Click here] to see more photos of this space, and for more info on our Frame TV! (Yes, that’s our TV!)

memories, milestones, and inspiration as a DIY blogger in 2021
in progress DIY fireplace with beadboard, stained shiplap, open shelves, and Frame TV above the antique mantel

Two Exciting Milestones This Year…

I celebrated my 1 Year Blogiversary! [Click here] to read my Blogiversary post where I celebrated 1 year of blogging, and where I revealed some of my plans and goals for year 2. Reaching this particular milestone was one of my favorite memories of the year that truly gave me the inspiration and motivation to keep going!

memories, milestones, and inspiration blogging in 2021

I connected with so many new faces and friends over on IG when MB of @livinwithmb shared my account! And then Wendy and Spencer from The Swiping Up Podcast shared me again!! Y’all my IG grew from around 4000 to 10,000 in a matter of a couple days! To say I was overwhelmed by all the love and support is an drastic understatement. I owe MB, Wendy, and Spencer a huge thankyou!! These girls are true Carolina gems! And I may never have connected with some of you without their kindness to me! How did I celebrate the big milestone of reaching 10K?? I painted our doors… and of course I pulled out the old chalkboard to document the moment!

memories, milestones, and inspiration blogging in 2021

Where I Found Inspiration This Year!

The memories, milestones, and inspiration that 2021 brought has set the bar pretty high for 2022! So let’s take a look back at what inspired me most in 2021… This year I found so much inspiration, both online and offline! So I thought I’d take the time to share some of the people, blogs, and books that inspired me the most this past year. Now truth be told, I could go on and on with these lists! So because of that, I limited myself to 5 of my favorites for each category, and they’re all listed and linked below in no particular order!

Instagram Squares That Kept Me Scrolling…

Coy @southernsewin

Coy @southernsewin on Instagram

Coy and I met on IG and quickly became friends. After we discovered we both live in Eastern NC, we met up and the rest is history! She is hilarious y’all, both in person and online. She’s so creative, and just overall a great person, and she’s one of my favorite people to follow over on IG!

Cynthia @vintageandgraceliving

Cynthia @vintageandgraceliving on Instagram

Cynthia’s photos blew me away when I discovered her account! Her home is light and bright and full of white and wood tones. And her style very much reminds me of Liz Marie Galvan, who y’all know I love!!

Jen @flatrockfarms1907

Jen @flatrockfarms1907 on Instagram

Jen and her husband are currently renovating their 1907 farmhouse in SC! I love watching her stories as she shares the good, the bad and the ugly about farm life and renovating a historic home. And y’all, her home is gorgeous!!

Shannan @teahousedesigns

Shannan @teahousedesigns on Instagram

Shannan is another NC native, though she and her husband currently live in NJ with their three boys in a stunning 1700’s home! She is a furniture stripping goddess who will make you want to strip all your furniture!!

Kara @littlehouseonchestnut

Kara @littlehouseonchestnut on Instagram

Kara is one of those accounts that will just have you in awe over her styling! You’ll have to go look at her feed to see what I mean… But even more exciting, she’s also the new 2022 brand ambassador for Cottages and Bungalows! I cannot wait to see her column and all the things she does over the next year!!

Blog’s I Got Lost In…

Each of these blogs is so unique and so full of inspiration! I could go on an on about each one of them, but the best way for you to see for yourself is by clicking through the links below and checking them all out! I promise you’ll find at least one you LOVE!! But let’s be real, you’ll probably love them all…

Design Books that Kept Me Turning the Pages…

I’ve gotten more and more into design books this year, and I hope to continue growing my collection! These are a few of my current favorites…

best home decor and design books of 2021

Antique Shops I Visited the Most…

One of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon, and one of the best places to get inspired, is an antique shop! And these are a few of my favorites…

Check out this antique 1936 post office desk I found this week at Antique 2 Chic! It was stunning, but way out of my price range! So I took a photo instead!

memories, milestones and inspiration of 2021 with White and Woodgrain the blog
memories at an antique shop earlier this year
Memories Milestones and Inspiration at the antique shop
antique post office desk price tag

Looking ahead to 2022…

I have experienced so many wonderful memories, exciting milestones, and lots of inspiration in 2021! And most of all, I am just so excited to see what 2022 brings!! I have some big goals and dreams for the blog, for the farmhouse and for myself too. My goal as a blogger is to share more here on whiteandwoodgrain.com. More DIY’s, more of my favorite antique shops, and more about The Old House, more of the things that inspire me and fill my cup. My goals for the farmhouse include finishing up the DIY fireplace project, adding more storage in the kitchen and the coffee bar, and by the stairs, and lots of furniture refinishing! Some goals I have for myself are to learn more about making my own sourdough bread and to focus more on taking better care of myself!

I could think of a million and one goals for myself and this little blog of mine, and for our house too! My to do list and my goals are never ending… Are you like that too? Shoooooo, I’ve rambled on long enough and this post is already a mile long… so I’ll leave you with this. Wherever you are, I want to wish you a Happy New Year and I pray that God keeps you safe as you celebrate this new chapter we are all entering!! May 2022 bring you peace, joy, love and light! May you continue to experience new and wonderful memories and milestones, and may you find new inspiration in the new year!! Thanks for stopping by the blog today friend, and as always, thanks so much for following along…

Love, Brittany

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