Fusion Mineral Paint Putty: Color Review & Project Inspo

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Thinking about Fusion Mineral Paint’s Putty for your next DIY project? You’re in the right place! Putty is one of my favorite neutral paint colors from Fusion Mineral. It’s one of my go-to paint colors, and I’ve used it all throughout our farmhouse over the years. I know that choosing a paint color can be hard, and I also know it can be helpful to see a particular color in photos or in someone else’s home to know if it’s the right color for you!

So that’s what this post is all about! This post is essentially a paint color review of Putty by Fusion Mineral Paint. In the post, I’ll share inspo photos from our home and photos of some of my past paint projects, all using the color Putty.

Today’s post will highlight the color Putty, but if you’d like to see more of my favorite Fusion colors, be sure to check out this post where I sampled 18 different white and neutral Fusion Mineral Paint Colors! This post is also the second Fusion Mineral paint color review here at whiteandwoodgrain.com.

Putty by Fusion Mineral Paint: a blend of beige and gray

Our front doors are the first thing I ever painted with Fusion Mineral’s Putty.

The doors were a light blue color before, and I wanted them to blend in better with the rest of our neutral farmhouse cottage interior. So I gave Putty a try, and I have never looked back! It fits our home, and my ideal color palette so well!

container of Putty by Fusion Mineral Paint with saran wrap over the jar to keep the paint from drying out
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According to Fusion Mineral Paint, Putty is a blench of beige and gray. And I have to say, that is the perfect description of this beautiful neutral!

sample trim piece painted in Putty by Fusion Mineral
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In my opinion, Putty is the best neutral chameleon paint color! It can look warm in certain spaces, but it can also look cool toned. Putty can appear greige, or taupe-y / mushroom-y brown. And it can even give off a muted green undertone in certain lighting.

It really depends on the light and the other colors in your space. Putty looks different to me in all the rooms and on all the pieces I’ve used it on so far. But I love it in each space, and I think it’s a great color to consider if you love neutrals too!

How Does Putty Compare to the Other Neutrals from Fusion Mineral Paint

I am the type of person who needs to see multiple color options before I can make my final decision! Maybe that’s you too? I created a few tester pieces below that would help me see the difference between all the neutral paint colors from the Fusion line.

So if you’re like me and you like to see all the options before making your decision, here is a side by side view of 6 different neutrals from Fusion Mineral Paint.

You’ll notice that Fusion’s Putty is a mid-range neutral. Not too dark, not too light.

a color comparison of all the neutrals from Fusion Mineral Paint including Putty, goddess ashwagandha, cashmere, chateau, bedford, and cathedral taupe,

Past DIY’s and Paint Projects using Fusion Mineral Paint’s Putty

There are so many different Fusion Mineral paint colors, especially when it comes to all the Fusion Mineral neutrals. So it can make it a bit of a challenge to choose the perfect paint color for your next DIY project.

Sometimes, the easiest way to choose a paint color is to see inspo photos of a particular color in someone else’s home… Photos of a room or a piece of furniture painted in that color.

Let me show you a few past DIY’s and paint projects of mine here at the farmhouse featuring Putty by Fusion Mineral Paint.

Re-Painted Interior Doors

Painting our interior doors in the color Putty totally changed the look and feel of this space for me. I love a neutral color palette, hence White and Woodgrain! So the blue always seemed to clash with my neutral vibes.

I think Putty is the perfect compliment to all the whites and wood tones in our home.

country cottage farmhouse with half glass front doors painted in the color Putty by Fusion Mineral Paint
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Painting just the doors, and leaving the walls and trim white allowed me to add a little color, without a lot of work or a lot of paint. So if you’re wanting to make a change to the overall color palette in your space, and you don’t want to paint an entire room or an entire wall, consider re-painting your interior doors!

white farmhouse entryway with double front doors painted with Fusion Mineral Putty
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DIY Peg-Rail Shelf

The color Putty shows up a little lighter in color on this DIY peg-rail shelf. The shelf is located in the upstairs bathroom, in a room that has no windows and no natural light.

DIY peg rail shelf in the bathroom painted Putty by Fusion Mineral
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I still love the color in this space, but it did surprise me how much lighter it looks in this space. Just goes to show you how helpful it can be to test paint colors in each room and each space.

DIY peg rail shelf in the bathroom painted Putty by Fusion Mineral
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Re-Finished Secretary Desk

This old secretary desk was a thrift store find, and all it needed was a fresh coat of paint. Another job for Putty by Fusion Mineral Paint! I had a time painting all the little storage slots inside the desk, but it turned out so good.

Head to this post to see more photos of the desk and “the before”. Fun fact, this little desk is actually where I write most of my blog posts currently!

Fusion Mineral Putty shown on a thrifted secretary desk
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I love using Fusion Mineral Paint on furniture projects like this one for many reasons.

But just to name a few… Fusion Mineral Paint is a great option for DIY’ers because it requires little to no prep (I rarely ever sand / prime), it has a built-in top coat, and it has zero VOC’s so painting indoors doesn’t give you a headache from all the fumes.

re-painted secretary desk in the color Putty by Fusion Mineral Paint
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All the White and Neutral Fusion Mineral Colors

Now if you’re still on the fence about the color Putty… you might want to check out some of the other neutral colors from Fusion Mineral Paint! There are so many good whites and neutrals from Fusion Mineral! I’d love to share my take on them with you.

So if you’re interested, head to this next post where I sampled 18 different white and neutral Fusion Mineral Paint Colors! There’s a ton of info in that post, along with a side by side color comparison for all 18 whites and neutrals. I know you’re bound to find at least a couple new colors to try in your home!

samples of 18 different white and neutral paint colors from Fusion Mineral Paint

Or if you’re ready to order paint and supplies for your next DIY, be sure to use my code: WHITEANDWOODGRAINFMP to save 10% off your next purchase!

for your next DIY

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Thanks for stopping by the blog today! I hope today’s post was helpful, and I look forward to sharing more color reviews featuring my favorite colors from Fusion Mineral Paint. (You can click here to see my review of Raw Silk by Fusion Mineral Paint.)

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It’s my hope this series helps save you some time and money along the way. And I also hope it helps you find a new favorite color or two without having to test them all out for yourself. I’m happy to test them out for both of us! Until next time y’all…

Love, Brittany

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